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Here Are Some Juicy Facts You Never Knew About Umland At Seri Austin, Johor Bahru

One of The Main Sponsors For The Apartment Season 6!

As The Apartment Season 6 series comes to its final leg of its 10-week series, we draw closer to finding out who will be crowned as the Champion and walk away with the biggest prize in the history sponsored by UMLand – D’Lagoon Luxury Apartment Unit!

In case you have missed the interior design reality series, here are six interesting facts about UMLand and The Apartment Season 6!

# Fact 1

Did you know that The Apartment Series has been running for 6 seasons now and guess what? Both Season 5 and Season 6 series were filmed in Johor Bahru itself where the first season featured UMLand Seri Alam – another one of UMLand’s many beautiful Townships. This season, the filming took place at UMLand Seri Austin where contestants and judges alike got the opportunity to experience the eco-friendly township first-hand!

# Fact 2

Have you ever wondered how they actually filmed The Apartment Series in a township filled with residents? During the series, you have may notice the contestants working day in and day out, hammering wood panels and moving furniture. However, did you ever wonder how they got away with their round the clock work schedule? Well, that is a mystery which we are still trying to solve but we were told by a credible source that KK Wong, Chief Executive Office of UMLand Seri Austin and also father figure of the award winning Township was there to save the day when things got a little bit tricky!

#Fact 3

When you watch reality TV shows, have you ever wondered how certain locations get selected to be featured on a programme? Does the crew just randomly pick a location out of nowhere and start filming? Well, we do not have an answer for that but one thing we can tell you for sure is that UMLand Seri Austin was chosen as the filming location due to its eco-friendly and aesthetically beautiful design. Not to mention it being the FIRST smoke-free township in Iskandar – highly recommended for those who prefer a nicotine-free area to reside!

#Fact 4

Also, UMLand Seri Austin Aster 2, the unit in which we see being highlighted on the much celebrated series whereby the contestants can work their magic, is carefully built and designed to not only look fabulously eye-catching but also to channel “Chi” to its occupants. That’s right, it is “feng shui” approved and touted to be able to improve one’s luck. Fancy improving your personal luck while you stay in this environmental friendly township? Maybe you can drop by UMLand’s showroom to find out more.

# Fact 5

For every competition, there is bound to be a grand prize of which everyone is aiming for, but how huge really is the grand prize for The Apartment Season 6’s champion? Imagine owning a luxury apartment unit within the township. That’s right; we are talking about the largest prize in the history of the series – a unit of UMLand’s D’Lagoon luxury apartment worth approximately USD140,000 (around RM568,400)!

#Fact 6

There is a saying that goes like this:- “Work is going to take up a big part of your life, so do what you love and you would not need to work a day in your life”! Wise words indeed! Well, it seems like the Chief Executive Officer of UMLand Seri Austin KK Wong has taken this quote so seriously so much so he has fallen so in love with his work and township that he actually lives within UMLand Seri Austin itself!


Did you know that Mr. KK Wong, Chief Executive Officer of UMLand Seri Austin and Group Director of Townships, UMLand made a guest appearance on the final episode of The Apartment Season 6? As the sixth installment of the celebrated series came to an end, KK Wong presented Stephanie Dods from the Philippines with the key to the luxurious UMLand D’Lagoon apartment worth USD140,000.

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