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The Little Known Secrets of Kota Kemuning

A near perfect township boasts tranquil and balanced lifestyle



Over the years, Kota Kemuning has been continuously evolving and offering better features for the residents. Nowadays, it is one of the flagship developments by the Gamuda Land division. It has become the choice of residences longing for a balance between development and the environment. Kota Kemuning offers natural beauty, “a paradise that consummates the celebration of life,” as prided by Hicom-Gamuda Development.Kota Kemuning has become the first model township in Shah Alam and Malaysia of its magnitude and scale, a township that epitomes quality lifestyle living that was first foreseen by DRB-HICOM Bhd and Gamuda Bhd two decades ago when Gamuda gained 1,854 acres of a palm oil estate in Shah Alam, the last few sizable tracks of freehold land there, in 1994 to develop the area.Kota Kemuning has become the first model township in Shah Alam and Malaysia of its magnitude and scale, a township that epitomes quality lifestyle living that was first foreseen by DRB-HICOM Bhd and Gamuda Bhd two decades ago when Gamuda gained 1,854 acres of a palm oil estate in Shah Alam, the last few sizable tracks of freehold land there, in 1994 to develop the area.

The director of Oregeon Property Consultancy, Kok Chin Yee, also has the same thinking about the area. “I see this area as a very good living environment, very peaceful, very calm. You don’t have noises. If I were to buy a house over there, I think I wouldn’t mind,” he said.

Kota Kemuning is situated along the KESAS Highway between Subang Jaya and Klang. It is approximately 20 km southwest of Kuala Lumpur City Centre and accessible via various major highways and expressways namely Shah Alam Expressway (KESAS), Damansara-Puchong Expressway (LDP), New Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE), North-South Expressway Central Link (ELITE) and Federal Highway, and also the new expressway, Kemuning-Shah Alam Highway (LKSA).

The township consists a total unit of 10,047 with a gross development value of RM3.6 billion. Kota Kemuning is a mixed development consisting of residential, commercial, and industrial components. The residential units offered for this development are bungalow lands, bungalow homes, semi-detached homes, double storey link houses, condominiums, apartments and town houses. As for the commercial developments, there are the new community shopping mall Gamuda Walk – the heartbeat of Kota Kemuning – along with shop offices, kindergartens, and petrol stations, while the industrial development comprises of industrial land, semi-detached factory, and terrace factory.

Meanwhile, the prominent 18-hole Kota Permai Golf and Country Club becomes the hallmark of the township provides the ideal leisure, resort-style setting for the community. This golf course was in fact designed by world famous golf course designer Ross Watson. Gamuda Land claimed that its Kota Permai course is unique in the sense that it is located atop a natural terrain left untouched to expose the existing character of the land and showcases it in a very positive light.

The residential developments of Kota Kemuning are named Aranda, Oncidium, Doritis & Liparis, Tainia and Eria, and the current launch of Hicom-Gamuda is the Lagoon residences. Apart from Hicom-Gamuda, Paramount Property also have its development in Kota Kemuning called Kemuning Utama, IJM Land with their Bandar Rimbayu township, and also BCB Berhad with HomeTree development whose up-coming launch is named the Long Branch.

According to Hanif Mohd Yusof, one of the earliest residents in Kota Kemuning, he chose Kota Kemuning since the first day because it offered his young family spacious and wonderful landscape, as well as an organised township.

Hanif, who is head of Amanah Corporate at HSBC, told Property Insight, “I can say that I’m the pioneering resident in this place. My family stayed over here since year 2000. My first house is in Kemuning Greenville, and I was the first person to stay in Phase One.”

He described, “Back then, there was nothing much in terms of amenities – no kiosks, no banks, basically one or two clinics and normal shops. But I could see the progress over time. I would say the progress started when it had McDonalds. Ever since the McDonalds, we can see the difference, and the mushrooming of others.”


The mushrooming included leisure and recreational facilities, especially the Kota Permai Golf & Country Club and also the shopping mall Gamuda Walk. Apart from that, there are also a Pos Malaysia office and banks such as Maybank, Hong Leong Bank Berhad, CIMB Bank, RHB Bank, and more.

Schools are also built for Kota Kemuning residents’ children, such as SK Kota Kemuning, SK Bukit Kemuning (2), SJKC Chung Hua, SMK Bukit Kemuning, along with educational institutions such as Philharmonic School of Music (Malaysia). The township is also only a short way drive to private colleges such as the Management and Science University (MSU) and Pusat Teknologi dan Pengurusan Lanjutan (PTPL). Other than a few health clinics available in Kota Kemuning, there is also Columbia Asia Hospital located in the neighbouring Bukit Rimau.

Hanif prided in Kota Kemuning as a complete township for all ethnicities. “There’s a Hindu temple, two churches. The mosque is yet to be built; I think we have probably five or six surau, and two of them are used for Friday prayer,” he said.

The Hindu temple is the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, the only temple serving the Hindu community in Kota Kemuning and Bukit Rimau. There are also two churches serving the Christian community: the Kota Kemuning Church of Christ and Community Baptist Church. For the Buddhist community, there is a Shah Alam Buddhist Society which acquired a one-acre land in Bukit Rimau from Selangor State Government to set up a Buddhist temple in 2003.

The Masjid Kota Kemuning project is still collecting funds from the residents, and as of 31st December 2014 the fund collected was already nearing RM1.4 million.

Kota Kemuning was designed by rethinking the entire concept of town planning, and Gamuda decided to take an organic approach instead of the conventional way. A series of drains and drainage well systems to channel away excess rain and ground water from roofs, roads, and paved areas were designed to prevent flash floods. Additionally, they also planned to have a more ecological water management tool for the township, hence the engineers created a man-made wetland zone. Nowadays, the wetland does not only serve its purpose in flood control and water purification, but become a popular recreational site.

Besides that, Gamuda also was a pioneer in environmental architecture in Shah Alam. A high ratio of greens provides healthy recreation grounds for residents, and also reduces heat build-up within the township by countering the warming effects of paved surfaces, as well as improves air quality within the township, according to Gamuda.

Kota Kemuning is built with a signature nature feature and nearly 45% of land is dedicated to green lungs, parks, lakes, and open spaces. The signature recreational park of Kota Kemuning is the Wetland Park, an integrated parkland environment that adds a touch of ‘tropical wilderness’ to the township. This 25-acre park creates an ideal environment for a variety of bird species and natural flora and fauna.


In addition, Kota Kemuning has its Central Lake. The lake and surrounding park provide a perfect environment for the community to relax and unwind. There is also The Lakeside Drive located next to the lake, which offers visitors a great vista towards the serene lake during a stroll along it.

Kota Kemuning Hills is also one of the signature features in the township. It surrounds the Kota Permai Golf and Country Club and an exclusive gated residential enclave of luxury homes set atop a verdant hill. This uniquely designed enclave is built on the highest point of Kota Kemuning and is nestled by the golf club.

Hicom-Gamuda Development designed and planned Kota Kemuning Hills to ensure the terrains and trees are retained to enhance the ‘hilltop character’. Special efforts are taken to maximize the naturally undulating terrain of Kota Kemuning Hills. According to Gamuda-Hicom, the topographies are gently carved and turfed with foliage to blend with the surrounding and the existing oil palm trees to enhance the character of the enclave.

Apart from that, the township’s landscaped neighbourhood’s with tree-lined boulevards offer a great combination of indoor and outdoor living where the highest quality of life is supported by activities such as nature walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, racquet sports and golfing, nurturing an active lifestyle for the entire family.

The road system in Kota Kemuning was arranged in the same manner our bodies transported blood cells, stated Gamuda Land. This is interpreted as from the major arteries, branching to smaller arterioles and then ending with capillaries. According to Gamuda Land, this system not only affectively dissipates traffic, it also naturally eases it down.

Having security as one of the major consideration in the planning of this township, Gamuda planned Kota Kemuning with no-through roads. Thus, the roads end with cul-de-sacs within those communities, limiting access to strangers while providing neighbours with opportunities for informal surveillance.

For the safety aspects, too, Gamuda Land made the township pedestrian friendly. The schools were linked to neighbourhoods via foot and cycling paths, however access was limited by a singular ingress-egress point.

Kota Kemuning also has a few residence associations like the Persatuan Penduduk Kota Kemuning (PKKK), Kemuning Bayu Residents Association (KBRA), and Kemuning Greenville Residents Association (KGRA). Hanif described PKKK is the main association for the whole township.

“The main one, PKKK, is quite active. They’ll arrange open day, etc. They are for bringing the community together, updating each other what’s happening, especially in terms of infrastructure, amenities, things like that,” Hanif said.

For Hanif’s own residential neighbourhood, its association is mainly for security. “We the residents hire 24-hour private guards, and monthly we pay RM70,” he said.

According to the data from Oregeon Property Consultancy, the number of property transaction in Kota Kemuning is decreasing while the price is increasing. Kok stated that this situation is a bit outstanding, and both residential and commercial transactions are experiencing the same issue, mostly due to high rise properties that are starting to sprout.

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Kok explained: “For a lot of other competitors, like the new properties, the entry level is so affordable. When people pay RM1,000 or RM500, they can actually book a unit. And let’s say if the discount is 10%, basically you need to pay nothing on the down payment. So if the entry level is so affordable to the buyers, they actually prefer the new products. Even for the new products, the developers enhance the safety, the lifestyle, the facilities, the gyms, everything. So, a lot of people say they actually prefer new properties, especially high-rise properties. That’s one cause to the decreasing number of transaction for the existing properties.”

He added that Kota Kemuning buyers nowadays prefer high-rise properties, so developers who are alert of this trend have started developing high-rise in Kota Kemuning such as Lagoon Suites, and Pangsapuri Tasik, as well as the KU Suites and Kemuning Aman Apartment by Paramount Property Development Sdn Bhd.

“Previously people prefer landed properties because they can have the land. But now seems like it’s not so much about the land anymore. It’s about how much you actually want to spend to get the properties”, Kok said.


Renting the units out may not be so profitable nowadays, according to Kok. “Last time, let’s say your rental is RM1,000 for property costing RM200,000. Property now has increased to RM400,000 plus, but the rental is not increasing at the same pace. So your rate of return has actually decreased. Renting wise, I don’t really suggest. It’s either for your own stay or if you want to flip it.”


When asked about the problems faced in Kota Kemuning, Hanif said that it would be the lack of public transportation. Traffic jam is another problem he faces in his commute to KL daily. “I spend on average every day at least about between 2-2 ½ hours to and fro,” he said. Hanif added, however, “But I would say, it compensates by staying in a nice neighbourhood here.”

Kota Kemuning is envisioned to have increasing number of high-rise developments as the developers are trying to attract more people out of Shah Alam to settle down in the township. In these modern days, most of the career men and women long for a safe haven that can sooth their worries and stress less, and a place like Kota Kemuning can certainly offer the serene lifestyle. With the township progressing further, property investors can still look at Kota Kemuning as having more potential to be unlocked.

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