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Up your Feng Shui game in 2018

As we enter 2018, it is time for some personal reflection. Have you used the time wisely over the past year? Did you achieve the goals that you set for yourself last year?
While we hope that it has been a fruitful 2017 for you, it is also time to look forward to the future. We have compiled a list of 2018 feng shui directions to help you up your game and boost your energy for the coming year.
Facing the right direction is a big part of feng shui: the direction in which you sit at work, the position of your bed or your front door. Each of these elements will have an auspicious direction that will allow you to gain more positive “chi”, or energy, increase your luck in career, health, love and many other aspects of your life. Alternatively, avoiding bad facing will go a long way in helping ensure a trouble-free year.
The table of feng shui direction/ location and forecast shows how you can adjust your workspace or sleeping position to attract more positive energy in 2018.
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Source : Joey Yap /  Joey Yap Consulting Group 

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