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Gen Y : Spoilt Or Struggling?

We all have that one uncle or aunt that is always going on about how this generation is glued to their phones.

Asean And It’s Impact On The Property Industry In Malaysia

There is little doubt that ASEAN’s property market holds great potential in some of the 10-member countries with its young people eager to make their mark in the world. Malaysia took a big step forward in 2015 becoming ASEAN’s Chairman for the fourth time since its formation. One huge step ...

Prism Outlook 2016

PRISM 2015 wrapped up a few weeks ago and one of the Key speakers was Steve McKnight. Steve McKnight is a qualified chartered accountant who acquired his first property in 1999, and since then he has purchased over 800 income-producing dwellings.

ECER: Attracting Investments In Kuala Terengganu City Center

Transforming the landscape and property market scene in the state capital of Terengganu

A Living Experience Like No Other

Senibong Cove - Where form and functionality coverge

Transforming The Rail Industry In Malaysia With Prasarana

“Good public transportation services is not the only catalyst that ensures the success of major cities; the other elements and characteristics that make a major city unique to the world and its own environment are just as important.” How many of you recall how difficult public transportation was in urban areas ...

Prospering The Rakyat – An M40 Budget

The government has adopted an across the board, forward-looking balanced budget proposal rooted in the belief that every hardworking person deserves the chance to make it in Malaysia.

Rumah Selangorku

Ownership within reach Affordable housing is probably the most concerning things to homebuyers these days and with such drawbacks, the Selangor Housing and Real Property Board (LPHS) has rolled out a scheme called ‘Rumah Selangorku’ that will make dreams come true for a lot of people. The Exco of Housing for Selangor, ...

Walking The Heritage Trail

Like the Sotheby’s, anything old has the potential to be valuable Ever wondered if heritage buildings could co-exist with modern developments? Look to George Town, the state capital of Penang for an answer. It is a capital city with the most number of pre-war buildings in the whole of Southeast Asia, many ...

Green Investments Make Sense

Investors should not underestimate the benefits of going green Many people, not just Malaysians, do not have a clear perception about what green building is all about. The reality is that green building is beneficial in many ways, and that it isn’t only morally right to go green. It makes sense ...