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High Hopes For HSR?

The hope for the connection between these two economies is so that they support and strengthen one another Malaysia aspires to be a developed nation, and progress so far is looking good on our side. With immaculate buildings and signs of glory such as the Petronas Twin Towers, we strive still ...

Building Hotel On Commercial Properties

Is it really giving you more return on investment instead of renting it out?

A Saviour From The South

Reviving abandoned projects is part of MB Group’s CSR programme

The Legalities Behind Joint Venture Property Purchase

Get your lawyers and paperworks ready As the going gets tough, people tend to get creative with their problem solving skills. So when property investors have trouble obtaining loans in the current economic climate, the solution is to leverage on other people’s money to build wealth, portfolio and income streams. This ...

Abandoned Homes, Abandoned Dreams?

With the increasing number of abandoned houses and affected house buyers suffering various degrees of financial hardship, we surmise that no amount of legislations would totally eradicate such problems against wayward developers.  More often than not, being able to save up for your first down payment on your soon-to-be home is ...

Second Half Of 2016 -property Status Update

Experts weigh in on the state of homebuyers and developers for the rest of the year.

One Year Post – GST

Following numerous delays and postponements since its initial announcement back in 2009, the Goods & Services Tax (GST) regime was finally implemented in Malaysia on April 1, 2015. It affected all sectors, including the property industry.

Improving Your Borrowing Power

What you should and should not be doing Although there are numerous reports that home buyers are facing a tough time in getting their housing loans approved with the current economic outlook, securing loans are still very much possible although the journey may be rough and tricky. The number of transactions ...

National Property Market Report – Special Focus

Property market is SOFT but they are not grim Buying properties at uncertain times seems like an impulsive idea but the recent Bank Negara and NAPIC 2015 Property Market reports indicate that purchasing properties during this time may do buyers some good. Too much focus on the negative side of business ...

Retail: Still Thriving In Malaysia

Malaysians are resilient. We are not going to let things disrupt our lives so easily Although the development of the Malaysian economy remains strong, with robust economic integration with ASEAN and now with the signing of the TPPA, the e-commerce market is still lagging well-behind other developed nations in the world. ...