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OCR land holdings, a developer always in their prime.

They say the early bird gets the worm, so when you say OCR Land Holdings who has been around since 1989, you will be reminded of one word – location!


OCR is a family owned business, with a powerful chairman heading the company who is also a father to his tight knit family, the company is in good hands as his son, Billy Ong spearheads it entirely.

OCR has been around for a while, even before unleaded petrol was introduced into Malaysia! They have since been known for niche residential and commercial development projects. They say the early bird gets the worm, so when you say OCR Land Holdings who has been around since 1989, you will be reminded of one word – location! They focus mainly on prime land in areas like Klang Valley, namely Jalan Ipoh and Jalan Kuching. Secondly, you will find that the homes and units sold are boutique sized with an emphasis on design and an eye for detail. As a consumer, I would be comfortable buying a home by developers who build units based on places they themselves feel comfortable residing in.


Like any other developer, in this day and economical climate, OCR have also had their fair share of hardship, mainly on acquiring prime land of their liking. When asked how they managed to overcome these challenges, Billy just smiled, portraying a great deal of work had gone into the process of emerging victorious. “The challenge was collecting good prime land, acquiring the land bank was difficult but we did what we had to in order to get the prime land we wanted, through joint ventures or by buying outright.”


Those deals ended up being worth more than imagined as they are coping well, mainly because the developments are all in high end, accessible areas. This indirectly helps with sales in the current market, as they are not affected, but in fact doing well even in these trying times. It was also fairly difficult moving from landed developments like their first development Villa Dahlia located in the middle of Bandar Utama and Damansara Jaya, to the many high rise developments they have now. Among those are Pano @ Jalan Ipoh, Condominium Residence @ Cheras South and Stellar in Petaling Jaya.


Too many times, we have heard that Klang Valley is the prime location for these coming years, and surely developers are all rushing to build. OCR already have a few here, and plan to branch out further. So far, developments are being constructed in other upcoming locations outside of Klang valley such as Kuantan, Melaka, Johor Bahru and Selayang among the many. OCR Land Holdings is responsible for the Service Residence @ Kuantan, Eco Strait @ Melaka, Tampoi Factory in Johor Bahru and a proposed mixed development in 12.3 acres of land.

OCR currently has a development called The Resident @ Ampang South. It is in a matured area, a few minutes away from KLCC with a breath taking view. An exclusive residence, for the classy KL-ite. “It is basically a Semi-D unit in the air. The build-up, design, and comfort emulates the feel and vibe of a landed property, but with a city centre hotel suite view. To prove the exclusivity of these units, you will find that there are no other similar developments within the vicinity. The sizes range from 1171 sq ft to 1271 sq ft, and there are only 180 units.”

You basically get the best of both worlds from this low density development with 6 units per floor, from what used to be a hostel. These exclusive units are a paradox of what they used to be, located in a quiet but accessible part of the city. This development hails from what used to be a boys hostel for a local college, which has been transformed into a luxurious condo. The said hostel was vacant for more than 10 years and nothing had been done. OCR saw this as an opportunity and grabbed it. The refurbishment of this development took less than a year to complete, and Billy seemed very proud of that fact. For a 3 bedroom 2 bath home like this, the size you get is a bargain from other developments. In the future you can expect more of these developments by OCR, such as Menara PMI, Lorong Ceylon smack in the middle of busy Kuala Lumpur. The proposed refurbishment will see the transformation of 14 levels of offices into another masterpiece, following suit of The Resident.

Billy also added that OCR is following the current trends of having mixed developments, for example in SS2 PJ, Bandar Sunway and the Service Residence in Kuantan. “The trend shows that people want mixed developments, shopping facilities and properties that are nearby public transportation, so we follow and deliver what the end user wants.” It also works both ways, commercial developments also need to be built within good demographics of residential areas, like the upcoming commercial project in Bandar Sunway comprising of one block specifically for signature suites. Among the things that intrigued me besides the classy and sophisticated designs of these developments, were their prices. Among the many aims and goals of OCR, one of which is to build better and more affordable homes, and this motto is seen through the Condominium Residence in Cheras South which is made up of 2 blocks of residential developments, and one block of 143 units under Rumah Selangorku.   IMG-20160122-WA0096

OCR looks like it is headed onwards and upwards even during critical times in the market. Persevering with their company philosophy, “We deliver what we promise” they have proven to have captured the hearts of end users and investors alike. The above has proven to be true with all their developments being in prime locations, at affordable prices. With more than 10 upcoming developments, and many others doing well under their belt, OCR plans to spread its wings overseas, for a more global reach.


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