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Melaka’s Contemporary Chic Hotel


A different setting against the historical backdrop of Melaka

The historical city of Melaka is often the destination of choice for many Malaysians who are in search of a staycation. Its rustic colonial charm coupled with its variety of gastronomic delights has made it one of the must visit locations for tourists visiting the country.

The cultural landscape, set against the unique culture of Baba Nyonya and Peranakan, makes every trip memorable as staycationers often discover something new each time. A weekend in Melaka would not be complete without wandering the night market at Jonker Walk, a highlight in anyone’s trip to the city.

All the shopping, sightseeing, ‘snapchatting’, ‘instagraming’ and food hunting in one day however would probably take a toll on your body. In order to recuperate and repeat the cycle the next day, you need a good place to recharge.

An ideal way to unwind during your stay might include taking a dip by the infinity pool whilst enjoying a panoramic view of Melaka city centre. However, trendy boutique hotels are often booked well in advance and would probably burn a hole in your pocket.

Chic Contemporary Hotel

The Straits Hotel & Suites, managed by Topotels, offers a magnificent view and a comfortable stay during your vacation to the city. Conveniently located in the heart of Melaka city, the hotel is within walking distance to Dataran Pahlawan Megamall and Mahkota Parade.

As a frequent staycationer, I tend have a list of criteria when it comes to spending the night at a hotel. For me, a contemporary design against the cultural backdrop of Melaka city sets the hotel apart from the other hotels within the vicinity.

The suites feature apartment style living and is fitted with kitchen top and cabinets. The modern finishing in the spacious bathroom with standing rain showers echoes the entire design scheme of the room.


What I have to say

Upon arrival, the friendly hotel staff greeted me cheerily, which set the tone for the remainder of my stay. I did, however, find it a little bizarre that a 23-storey hotel is serviced by only three lifts, which meant longer waiting times and crowded lifts especially during peak hour.

In my opinion, the one thing that stands out about the hotel was the amazingly comfortable bed. Since everything in Malacca is best explored by foot, the bed is definitely inviting and provides you with the chance to rest and relax. On the downside, the lighting could be brighter in the bathroom. In addition, some rooms do not have the best of views, so do try to request for rooms that face the town.

Rudi Putra, the general manager of the hotel, says, “The Straits Hotel and Suites Concept provides a conducive setting for families or those who needs a home away from home. We have three types of rooms, namely Deluxe Suites, Straits Suites & Premier Suites, to satisfy all types of customers.”

The signature infinity pool located on the 23rd floor is a good place to unwind. For me, a morning swim was a relaxing way to recuperate from the night before and a good way to start my day. I even got a little reading done while I was there.

On Fridays and Saturdays, the hotel hosts a BBQ dinner at the poolside from 7pm to 10pm. If the spread does not satisfy you, fret not, you can choose to indulge at the numerous food escapades in Melaka. After all, the famous chicken rice ball restaurant is just a minute’s walk away.

4/5 Rating

For an affordable and comfortable stay, The Straits Hotel & Suites is a good choice. The spacious setting provides adequate room for families to have a relaxing vacation without fighting for space. When you are done exploring Melaka, the contemporary living concept hotel would be a welcoming stay for a good night’s sleep.

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