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Building Your Future Home


Healthy, green and luxurious lifestyle built in one place

Asia Green Group added yet another feather to its cap when it was named the Outstanding Developer for Northern region at the recent Property Insight Prestigious Developer Awards 2016.


The Managing Director of the group, Tan Boon Huat says the award is not only a recognition for all the great efforts put in by his team over the past 13 years but also serves as a motivation for them to strive harder and continue delivering best designs with high quality homes to their buyers.  Tan records his appreciation and gratitude to his team and supporters for believing in Asia Green Group to carry on the legacy of being an authentic boutique developer in Penang.


Asia Green Group started with a manufacturing company known as Asia Plywood Company in 1964. With a strong background in the Plywood industry, the company was able to support the establishment of their Asia Green Property Development arm.

According to Tan, the group has been in the property development field for about 13 years now and has successfully completed several signature projects.

“At Asia Green Group, we are always looking for new innovations and creative designs to reconnect with nature through carefully designed landscapes and green touches for all of our projects. We stay true to our values and innovation by creating lifestyle that people look forward to live in. We don’t just develop great quality homes but we create homes that could be passed down for generations.”

In any journey that one takes, there will be challenges that serve as barriers to success. It is the same for Asia Green Group. Tan’s first challenge was to transform the image of Asia Green Group from a conventional plywood manufacturer and developer to an in-trend property developer.

How did they do it? “We overcame this by allowing new ideas from our young and energetic team to flourish. We combined the best of both worlds – traditional and modern approaches – to make this concept work, Tan explains.

“My philosophy is simple. Everything in life is achievable so long you set your mind to it. Once you put your heart into it, you will work hard to achieve it. There is a solution to every problem so don’t give up easily and always seek creative ways to come up with solutions.”


Other than exclusive resort villas, Asia Green Group is also developing medium-cost housing for the people. Although there is a big gap between the two types of property, Asia Green Group develops them with the same standard and delivers them with the same quality.

“We don’t neglect quality when developing the medium-cost housing or the exclusive resort villas. The high standard requirement of our affluent purchasers – from earlier villas and bungalows projects – are instilled into our condominium projects as well. The sense of belonging is felt throughout our projects. The only difference would be in terms of space planning and layout design, as we will have to look into the usage and the needs from the market,” describes Tan.

The Director of Asia Green Group, Mei Tan explains that their eye for details cannot be matched by other competitors.

“We use design thinking to understand our market and audiences’ needs and wants. Only then we create designs to fit their concerns.”

“Take The Clovers project for example. We understood that privacy and convenient is the main concern so we designed two private lifts that provides direct access to their own units. We came up with innovative solutions to expedite the process of construction.”

“We also took extra care to ensure that our buyers were able to move into their new homes without any hassle or stress. Our green facilities and features are always given a priority as we stay true to our theme of reconnecting people with nature,” says Mei Tan.



One of Asia Green Group’s latest development is the QuayWest Residence at Persiaran Bayan Indah, Queensbay. The project is now open for preview and carries the ‘ver la excelente’ tagline which means to ‘see excellence’ in Spanish.

When asked about the unique selling propositions of QuayWest Residence, Mei Tan was quick to point out the location of the development.

“QuayWest Residence is perfect for that relaxing sea view but at the same time, it is strategically located in a booming area that’s connectable via the iconic Penang bridges, providing easy access to Queensbay Mall, the Industrial zone and the Penang airport. Surrounding development plans would turn this into a Great Township on its own,” says Mei Tan adding that the development also offers great design and value for money.

“We have designed an Olympic size rooftop infinity pool with 180 degrees panoramic sea view, Jerejak Island and the 2 bridges. Full facilities and green touches are in all corners of the projects, along with two private lifts  that send our home owners directly to their units.”

“The most important criteria for property investment is the return on the investment. QuayWest opens up opportunities for purchasers to buy at the right price and enjoy the appreciation in value, later. With such facilities and features, this project has tremendous growth opportunities and is worth every investing sen,” remarks Mei Tan.


Other than QuayWest Residence, The Clovers is also one of the Group’s most recently launched development. Mei Tan describes The Clovers as an iconic architecture and design inspired by the rare four-leaf clover. It serves as an auspicious sign, especially to the families of The Clovers, as it signifies a sanctuary that represents showers of good fortune, abundance of love and bountiful hope symbolised by its leaves and homes.

Located at Sungai Ara, The Clovers benefits buyers in many ways including through its short distance to the Penang International airport and the Industrial zone. Mei Tan defines the project as a great place for family living and business travellers.

“We have two private lifts, three swimming pools, the first jungle trekking on podium, green wall features and many more facilities that are usually available at luxury condominiums around Kuala Lumpur. Our customers get all these and more at The Clovers, at a very a reasonable and affordable price, so that they can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle with minimal commitment.

“Every unit is a corner unit with views of their choice. There is a proper main entrance as well as a back entrance that leads to the common elevators. Residents will arrive at a proper private entrance with spacious foyer, ideal for shoes and bicycle cabinets.”

“Setting itself apart from other condominium designs, where residents are met with the view of the kitchen upon entering the condo, residents of The Clovers are treated by the view of a spacious living hall,” reckons Mei Tan.

Staying true to the company’s mission to reconnect people with nature, The Clovers is built with green initiatives that are evident in the designer landscapes and green touches that abundantly envelope the entire development.


Asia Green Group has allocated a budget of RM4.5m for landscaping and greening initiatives including for the imported trees from Thailand.

The 26.2m width x 13.8m height of Vertical Green Wall is built as an entrance statement. Outdoor facilities are provided to enhance family living space.

Best attribute of living in The Clovers is the unparalleled nature which is seamlessly integrated into the whole project, with the distinct highlight being a lush 14,000sqft Jungle Trek that forges a path of serene tranquillity through leafy surroundings. Within the trek, there are dedicated areas for picnic, meditation, and yoga that enhances the healthy and natural lifestyle habits. Not only will it be your personal haven to relax at your pace, it will be the perfect retreat for the whole family.


Answering the question of how different is it being a developer in Penang and the Klang Valley, Tan says, “Penang is a small city unlike Kuala Lumpur. It has its advantages as planning is more concise and focused since the projects are smaller in size. The demands and requirements in Penang are different  from KL. We are able to plan more quality lifestyle projects that focus family and comfortable living than offices or SoHos.”

“We are facing a soft market, not a ‘dead’ market so there is still a growing interest in property purchase but we have to be innovative in designing a simple yet functional lifestyle homes. Gone are the days where purchasers of luxury homes flock the market. There are more developers in the market now, so we really need to understand the needs before embarking on a project.”

“Penang still has its colonial charm and greenery. Investors are still flocking to Penang to invest in its manufacturing and property sectors. The State government has done its part in promoting the tourism, industrial, manufacturing and property industries to foreign investors. Penang also has high payable infrastructure projects in the pipeline to help it standout as a vibrant and well connected city,” adds Tan


Tan’s business motto is very simple. He aspires to see his developments turn into iconic landmarks.

“I intend to leave a lasting legacy of Asia Green Group for generations to come. For the remaining of 2016, we need to target the right audiences for our projects. We will also be venturing out of the state and overseas to attract the right crowd to Penang and our projects. We are coming up with new membership packages for purchasers to meet their financial needs.”

“We are looking forward to launching our QuayWest Residence once we obtain our APDL and The Clovers will be completed by the end of this year. You will see more of us in the KL and overseas market from now.”

Asia Green Group will also be focusing on development projects at the Bayan Lepas area with mixed developments and residential units to be built at Penang World City, next to Queensbay Mall and Batu Uban.


Location – It is still the most important factor in property investment. Buy in an area that has an active market. Active market tends to see appreciation in prices more rapidly.

Developers’ reputation – It is very important to buy from a reputable developer as one would not want to face pesky problems like defects after obtaining their Vacant Possession (VP).

Infrastructure in the pipeline – Buy in an area where new connectivity for example LRT lines, new roads and new township will be in place. When these roads are still in the pipeline, property prices tend to be cheaper but when these projects are completed, prices will skyrocket.

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