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5 Essential Things to Do Before Moving to A New House

Congratulations! You just become the proud owner of your first home! Now, you must have been planning out the right design for each space of the house in your mind and start thinking about the renovation.

However, owning a home is more than that. You need to take care of a few things before settling into your brand new home.

Here is a list to make sure that everything is in its right place.

  1. Check the leakage system

First act is to read the house inspection report and handle any leakage problem immediately. If you don’t take early precautions, it could become worse.

The water will eventually damage the internal housing structure and could damage your wallet if it’s not taken care properly.

Moreover, check your roof carefully because it is difficult to detect any leaking problem from the surface. If you find your ceiling is leaking, it could already be leaking for some time prior your moving to the house.

  1. Seal up small holes

Before you move in and place your furniture and decorations, it is wise to check and fix up all the little holes around the house.

By mend all the little holes, you could prevent water leakage problem in the future.

  1. Plan your emergency escape route

Malaysia has barely experienced few natural disasters which contribute to many Malaysians put a blind eye on proper safety precautions or emergency planning.

Before the furniture is coming in, walk around your house and figure out possible ways to escape in case of emergency such as a fire.

When placing furniture, make sure to arrange it properly by not blocking your escape route. Other than that, you could consider not putting too many steel bars on the windows and metal grilles at backdoor.

Home is your humble shelter, unless if you want to turn it into a death trap.

  1. Clean the drainage system

Cleanliness is the most important thing in life and same goes for your new house’s drainage system. Any clogged drain could result poor water flow for your bathtub or your kitchen sink.

On top of that, the organic material stuck inside the drain will give out an awful, lingering stench.

  1. Switch mailing address

Since it takes time for mail or package to deliver to your home, it is useful to update your residential address as soon as possible to avoid missing the important documents.

Unless if you have a friendly neighbour from your old place to keep the mail for you, the mails will never reach to its owner.

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