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A Living Experience Like No Other


Senibong Cove – Where form and functionality coverge

As the Malaysian arm of the renowned Australian property firm Walker Corporation, Senibong Cove was inspired by the best of Australian concepts and waterfront developments.

At the heart of the development’s design concept is a philosophy to merge form with functionality. This is demonstrated in Senibong Cove’s modern tropical theme, where nature and greenery, as well as the surrounding waterways and waterfronts are incorporated into the design planning.

Most houses at Senibong Cove, whether low or high-rise, afford panoramic views of surrounding greenery and water bodies. Large green foliage of trees and plants line the roads, walkways and gardens, allowing residents to enjoy nature within their homes and around the estate.

To offer residents an al fresco lifestyle while keeping cool in Malaysia’s tropical climate, the units also feature huge roof overhangs, canopies, sun-shades and projecting balconies over the canals.

The fenceless and gateless layout and spacious design emphasises a sense of openness to the development, allowing residents to enjoy the surrounding environment.

Senibong Cove is master planned to ensure the developer offers world-class standards of living for its residents at minimal cost to the ecosystem.  The development is located within the thriving Iskandar Development Region, which offers easy access to Malaysia and Singapore.

The architecture and design planning integrates the best of Australian waterfront living with the lush and tropical landscape and waterways as key features, residents can enjoy space and privacy at Senibong Cove. It features over 35 acres of nature, and includes five specially designed parks, all linked by a 2 km long boardwalk.

Each gated community within the development includes a residents’ clubhouse that comprises of gym and swimming facilities, and a proposed 20,000 square metre boutique mall, expressing the company’s commitment to quality living within a low-density integrated community.

As part of the development, Senibong Cove is also responsible for conserving and maintaining the Lunchoo River and nearby mangrove swamp. The development is a safe gated community, boasting a three-tier security system.

Senibong Cove offers an unprecedented sustainable living experience. Beyond serving as a safe and well-designed home, the development offers various activities for residents in nature and sustainability.

Social element components such as a multipurpose hall, public hall, kindergarten, river management centre and marina facilities are also included in Senibong Cove. In short, Senibong Cove is a master planned waterfront community.

“The Iskandar Development Region also remains an area with much growth potential, and we are confident that our suite of offerings and facilities, and master planned developments, will continue to create and maximise value for our residents and investors,” Front Concept Sdn Bhd project director Quay Chew Keong, shared with us.

Quay shared that a sustainable plan and the environment shape the design and development of Senibong Cove, and are crucial aspects to the township.

This includes implementing a robust sustainability initiative for the Lunchoo River near Senibong Cove. In addition to research, since 2010, active efforts have been taken to clean-up and maintain the river, so that it is conducive for residents and the surrounding community.

The river is also home to a diverse range of marine and wild life, and efforts are being put in place to sustain the mangrove swamp surrounding the river to continually preserve the area and its marine life.

“We also engage actively to encourage residents in sustainable living practices by highlighting 3R (reduce, reuse & recycle) practices within their daily living. Notwithstanding these various programmes, we are always exploring ways to elevate our sustainability efforts for the long-term,” mentioned Quay.

Mangrove Isola-Grandeur-Interior


Senibong Cove offers both low and high-rise units, with a focus on low-density housing. This includes apartments, semi-detached housing and waterfront villas, among others.

Precincts and units within the development are as follows:

The WaterEdge Residences, comprises 244 waterfront terraces and semi-detached houses.

Isola Villas offers 144 units of semi-detached, link villa and waterfront villas.

The WaterEdge Apartments, are high-rise condominiums, designed such that most units would have unobstructed views of the marina, Lunchoo River and the Straits of Johor.

Isola Grandeur offers the best in low-density waterfront villas, with 86 units on an exclusive island. This development consists of waterfront villas that are spacious and offers complete privacy that can be fully enjoyed with waterway-fronting lifestyle decks, balconies and roof. It also offers a resident club house which includes a gym and a swimming pool.

There is no one-size-fits-all plan, therefore the developer will continue to develop Senibong Cove to meet the needs of its customers to offer the very best in waterfront living.

A key highlight of Senibong Cove is its 35 acres of nature, including five specially designed parks that boast greenery, which are extensively integrated throughout the development. In addition, it overlooks the scenic Lunchoo River that is served by a marina with 80 berths for residents to dock their boats. All these are linked by 2 kilometres of walkways and boardwalks to ensure that facilities are well-connected.

Each precinct within the development also contains facilities to ensure that residents are provided with recreational options, including a residents’ clubhouse that comprises of gym and swimming facilities. Community activities including fishing, as well as other planned activities on river sustainability are in the works, to better engage residents.

Going forward, the developer plans to expand their suite of waterfront offerings to cater to a premium marina lifestyle, such as boating facilities and more F&B outlets along the boardwalk.

 Isola-Grandeur-canal Central-Park

A proposed 20,000 square metre boutique mall is in the works, for the future, which will feature shopping and dining options that fulfil residents’ needs within a self-contained development.

Currently, 55 units within The Hills Residences, which boast a low-density, have been launched and are open for buyers. The property is distinctive in its use of the courtyard concept, featuring a new living experience that allows sustainability and a ‘nature-inspired’ way of living.  

“Senibong Cove was developed on the principle of quality over quantity. We offer distinctive low-density housing and a large number of our landed and waterfront units are top-end. Our vision is to transform the coastal area of Senibong Cove into a first-class waterfront development that offers unparalleled quality living for our residents,” enthuses Quay.

While there is a much more conservative buyers’ sentiment in the market at the moment, the developer’s outlook for Johor Bahru is still sanguine in the long-term.

The creation of industrial areas in the vicinity will likely bring in economic growth and job opportunities. Rather than exponential growth, the developer expects to see Iskandar grow at a steady rate.

In addition to the upcoming Woodlands North MRT, should the KL-Singapore High Speed Rail project be implemented, the connectivity between Singapore and Johor Bahru will be even more accessible and seamless.

With this, Johor Bahru will definitely offer a valuable proposition to expatriates and Singapore residents, and Senibong Cove is well-positioned to tap the future growth potential.


“As Senibong Cove is a close-knit community that has its residents at heart, we believe in investing time to understand our target market and to ensure that Senibong Cove remains relevant to their needs,” said Quay.

According to the developer, buyers range from individuals seeking affordable and quality housing for their families or retirement, to high net worth individuals who are going for premium properties or who are looking to invest. Many choose Senibong Cove for its strategic location in Iskandar and its close proximity to Singapore.

Potential buyers are invited to experience the waterfront lifestyle offerings of the development. The developer also set up a sales office in Singapore earlier this year to better cater for potential customers in Singapore.


Walker Corporation is one of Australia’s largest private development companies. Established in the 1960s, it is known for developing large-scale, award-winning iconic developments.

The company sees the Iskandar region as a diamond in the rough. With rising real estate prices in Singapore, it expects the region to become more attractive to investors from across the causeway, and to become a sought-after residential area for both Malaysians and Singaporeans alike.

The developer also have ongoing plans to further develop Senibong Cove with additional units and with enhanced lifestyle amenities for residents. These include augmenting the Beach Park and club house within Senibong Hills to support the health and wellness of its residents.

Together with Singapore’s Wong family, the developer intends to embark on a joint venture to develop Senibong Hills, offering cluster homes, terrace homes, condominiums and more with distinctive designs. Sited on elevated grounds in the vicinity, the development overlooks the surroundings for magnificent views of the Senibong Cove Marina and the straits of Johor.

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