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Above Par Excellence: Skyworld’s First Quality Centre

The hopes and dreams of SkyWorld Development Sdn Bhd (SkyWorld) is to realise the fruition of a project which would ultimately lend an impact to benefit the community at large.

During an exclusive interview with Property Insight, SkyWorld Development Sdn Bhd Chief Operating Officer Lee Chee Seng spoke proudly at length on the group’s first Quality Centre which will see its grand launch opening to the public in mid-January 2018.

“SkyWorld has always adapted a community-centric outlook in all of the projects we undertake and the first Quality Centre didn’t step far from that vision,” he says with a smile.

Lee shares that the idea for the first Quality Centre was birthed out of Skyworld’s three brand pillars namely; Value Creation, SkyLiving Experience and Innovation.

SkyWorld which was founded in 2008, took six years to establish its strong pool of management team. During that time, the team also actively explored, sought-after and assessed quality land banks in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur which is one of the top investment hotspots.

The Quality Centre he says would benefit the community at large through the wider exposure of its seven eminent values which form the cornerstone of SkyWorld. These values take into account factors such as location; sky living experience; quality; innovation;  sustainability; smart home features and security. These considerations are the outcomes derived from comprehensive research undertaken by SkyWorld to enrich its core values which are then infused into all of  the group’s projects.

The Quality Centre located at SkyArena in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur sits on a 13,000 sq ft land area with a total built-up size of 7,500 sq ft. The construction work for the Quality Centre started on April 2017 with the completion date scheduled for October this year.

“At SkyWorld, we believe in building responsibly and delivering a quality Sky Living experience in a sustainable environment. More importantly, we believe that everyone should be able to afford a quality home.

“This is something that is close to our hearts. This is the reason that we’ve invested RM3.8 million into our SkyWorld Quality Centre,” says Lee.

The components for the Quality Centre includes the SkyWorld Lounge comprising a 30-pax seat mini auditorium and a comprehensive show unit consisting a living room, bedroom, yard, balcony, staircase, corridor, bathroom and more.

The Quality Centre is designed with attention to detail in order to raise the bar for building excellence. It would also be a place to welcome valued homeowners, business associates and guests who wish to learn more about the quality of certified workmanship in Malaysia.

The Quality Centre would showcase the difference between QLASSIC or CONQUAS-compliant finishings as opposed to non-compliant finishes.  

“When you visit our SkyWorld Quality Centre, we’ll show you the difference between the QLASSIC and CONQUAS compliant finishing against a non-compliant finishing”

“In Malaysia, an average of 7,600 projects and developments are built every year and only 4.1% are certified by QLASSIC- we are part of the select few. So, when you consider a SkyWorld home, you can be assured of the quality commitment to you,” says Lee.

The Quality Centre can also be used for training and educating SkyWorld’s internal employees as well as serve as a sharing hub for Consultants, university students, prospective homebuyers and the public who want to know more about the quality of construction in Malaysia.

“We have met a few Contractors and industry players who had only superficial knowledge of QLASSSIC and CONQUAS.

“After visiting the Quality Centre, they were all won over. We hope that this will lead to better reception towards quality workmanship,” asserts Lee.

SkyWorld has substantial plans this year and is targeting to launch five projects with an estimated gross development value (GDV) of RM2.2 billion.

With its strategic land bank spanning over 130 acres valued at an estimated GDV of RM13 billion, it certainly has a long way to go with a promising future ahead of it.

The newly built SkyWorld Quality Centre will be open to the public from January 18, 2018. For further info, queries can be emailed to

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