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Prioritising customers’ needs above all else

Paul Yung Ken Hoe, 27, who hails from Subang Jaya, started his first job working as a Storekeeper at the young age of eleven. Growing up in a strict household, both his parents wanted to teach him the value of money and hard work.

Back in 1987, Yung’s father who was involved in network marketing founded the business Shaklee. At that time, it was one of the few direct selling companies in Malaysia.

In 2003, Yung’s father who is now at the golden age of 71, started Fitline before eventually passing on the business to Yung last year.

Founded in Germany in 1993 by Rolf Sorg, Fitline is a range of premium food supplement products developed over the last 24 years by an international group of in-house scientists.

Fitline’s expertise span many different fields of science and nutrition right down to production, with a focus on constant research and development on every product.

All Fitline products are sold and marketed by PM-International Germany with its headquarters in Luxembourg.

Fitline products have been sold and marketed in Malaysia since 2003. Today, the brand has become a household name among fellow Malaysians with a customer base of 25,000 loyal customers who continue to benefit from the products.

According to Yung, Fitline is the only health supplement product from Germany which has been here for 14 years. All Fitline products are approved by the Ministry of Health-Malaysia.

With over 35 subsidiaries worldwide and having shipped more than 400 million products around the world, Fitline had an estimated global turnover of USD460 million (RM2 billion) last year and targets to hit three quarter of a billion this year.

Love what you do

Yung considers his parents as his mentors. During the early days of Fitline, the pressure was high.

Yung recalls, “There were challenges in whatever we wanted to do and achieve.

Our challenge was to bring better health to our consumers for their daily lives  which will in turn create wealth for more people who are seeking opportunities in life.”

He adds that sharing health and watching clients getting better and fitter every day is what drives him. Supporting someone from an ordinary to an extraordinary lifestyle, including time and financial freedom, is the greatest satisfaction of the job.

All Fitline products are natural without preservatives, halal-certified globally  and are made in Germany. Fitline products have a short shelf-life of eight to twelve months. Fitline products core competency lies with its Nutrient Transport Concept (NTC) technology. NTC ensures that the nutrients are delivered exactly when they are needed, exactly where they are needed to the cellular level, from inside and out. You can feel the effect of Fitline products within minutes because of this exclusive, patented technology which guarantees the highest bioavailability. We tried it and felt the energy from the Activize within minutes. According to Yung, the bestselling products in Fitline are the Fitline Optimal Set (Activize Oxplus, Basics and Restorate), these are their core products which make up 80% of their sales. One set is priced at RM830 while members enjoy a discounted price of RM664, GST inclusive. These three products provide you with high absorption of all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals for your entire body daily needs. All Fitline products will have an internet link (QR-code) printed on their label, which leads to detailed information  from TUV SUD about the ingredients of each product, offering total customer transparency. Based on consumers’ feedback, many of them experience results within 90 days, have a stronger immune system, more energy, better sleep and skin complexion. PM International, the parent company for the Fitline brand holds 64 patents for the Fitline product range.

Yung elaborates further that the management of Fitline constantly educates their team partners and consumers that Fitline products does not cure any disease or sickness. Fitline products help to strenghten our body’s own immune system to combat common illnesses such as fever, flu, sore throat among others and should be taken as a food supplement to supplement your body’s daily needs. Fitline products are specially designed to help your body function optimally for daily peak performance with more energy, a healthy digestive system and better sleep.

Naturally, Yung practices what he preaches. He himself and his family takes Fitline products daily and his passion for making a difference lies in letting the products speak for themselves. “You can watch a nice video or read a great article but if the products don’t work then you will naturally stop buying the products,” says Yung.

“We want to create value. How do we do that? Although we do a lot of social media and digital marketing strategy, we still believe in the human interaction and the strength of our products in providing fast and effective results. We also provide a 100% return buy back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with our products where we will give you a full refund within 30 days,” Yung reveals.

Consumers can purchase Fitline products over the counters from Fitline centres available in Selangor, Penang, Kota Kinabalu, Sibu and Johor Bahru. The headquarters in One City, USJ 25, Subang Jaya was opened just two years ago while the latest centre in Sibu was opened last year.

Yung adds that Fitline are big supporters of sports and all their products are certified dope-free. This means that Fitline products fulfil the regulations of German Food Law concerning pharmacologically effective substances and therefore contain no Nandrolon or other anabolic steroids or other drug effective substances. “As such, we have voluntarily entered into the obligation to have the Fitline products tested once a year by the accredited Laboratory for Doping Analysis in Cologne (Germany) for residues and impurities of anabolic-androgenic steroids,” explains Yung.

“We got thousands of athletes using our products and of course to bring it back home to Malaysia, our very very own brand ambassador includes two times World Wushu Champion and Olympian of the year, Master Ho Ro Bin, one of the top triathletes in Malaysia, Heidilee Mohammad aka (DINO) and we sponsor more than 200 athletes in Wushu, Taekwondo, Football and Swimming,  In the 2017 SEA Games, Fitline suported athletes that brought home six golds,  five silver and three bronzes. Fitline intends to work closer with the National Wushu Federation this year. Their testimonies after taking Fitline products include improved energy and stamina levels,” shares Yung.

Yung adds that the company has grown 45% on a year on year basis. “The one achievement I am personally proud of is we have also successfully cultivated three new Wushu champions from last years SUKMA games, one of them, Mandy Cebelle, has just won a gold and a silver in the recent 2017 Asia Junior Championships hosted in Korea. Another two things that I am proud of is we continue to support the National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM) where we are committed to raising funds for them on long term, our first donation being RM20,000 last year. We have also started a new partnership with Kinabalu Pink Ribbon – a non-profit organisation in Kota Kinabalu to raise awareness for breast cancer,” Yung shares enthusiastically.

The way forward

Moving forward, in addition to PM-International’s Worldwide website and online systems in the respective countries, PM-Malaysia (Fitline (M) Sdn Bhd) is getting into the era of technology and started building a whole new online platform which will WeChat for product sales and online distributor registration. They work with iPay88 as a payment gateway for online shopping, targeted to launch during the last quarter of this year.

To stay relevant in the current market, Yung shares that PM-International in Germany is constantly re-engineering their products.  “As the world progresses, new ingredients and new technologies come up and we want to make sure they are engineered into our products. Our consumers have been loyal to our company and products for years, and we want to ensure that they have the very best products in their hands everyday,” says Yung.

Fitline is looking to expand in four new locations, namely Kuala Terengganu, Kuching and Kuantan. They are also targeting to open five more centres in the coming two to three years. “I think it is important to have an offline retail presence for customer conveniences and activities, but we are also in the midst of reaching out to more consumers digitally. We aim to reach half a million Malaysians by 2020 and can only do so by  having a strong online and offline presense.

“One of the most important things for me is the customer experience, when you walk into our centre or when you receive a package, what do I want to see first and that is an ongoing process for improvement. The customer experience must be great. The products must keep getting better, simpler and more convenient,” concludes Yung.

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