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Can Money Really Grow On Tree?

Do you believe money grows on trees? I for one, certainly think so. Having read this statement, you must be puzzled but do bear with me.  

Let me illustrate my belief by using palm oil as an example. Palm oil is obtained from the seed or kernel of the palm tree. After extracting oil out of the seed or kernel, it is sold in the market, and the oil maker earns money. Therefore, we can conclude that trees have the means of giving us cash. Hence, the notion or idea that money does grow on trees.

Another example we can glean into is that of a vineyard. The owner grows grapes and after they are ripe, he gathers the fruits of his efforts and sends batches of grapes to the brewery to turn clusters of grapes into the end product which is wine.

After an elaborate process, wine is made and is ready to be consumed. The winemaker then puts it out in the market for sale and the business makes money.

There are numerous other examples that can be quoted that doesn’t revolve around trees but by now, you would have guessed what I meant by agreeing with the statement that money does grow on trees. Using this analogy, trees are nothing more but a metaphor for your business, assets and network.

These little saplings are not to be despised as they will eventually turn into a tree and give you fruits for your labour in the form of monetary gains. In other words, they generate income for you just like trees produce fruits.

For trees to produce high quality fruits, they need proper care and tending to. One has to be very patient to nurture and bring out the best in the trees – not to mention saving them from  unfavourable weather conditions, pests and insects.

Similarly, if you take proper care of your business, assets, and human network, they too will bear fruits for you.

For this to happen, you have got to protect the trees from shortcomings give them sufficient time and energy to flourish. in this manner, your business will flourish and you will be able to gain maximum benefit out of it.

We all know the story of the golden goose that laid golden eggs. However, her master was greedy.

He thought that instead of her laying just one golden egg a day, if he’d cut the goose’s belly, he’ll then be able to get all the golden eggs that the goose is going to lay in the future.

However, his foolishness and his greed killed the goose. As a result, he lost everything.

We must learn a lesson from this. You have to take care of your golden goose as it lays golden eggs for you – just like you have to take care of your tree so that it gives you money. For greedy business people, just like the goose’s owner, they will never be able to benefit in the extended term.

The critical point to take away here is that some people don’t have the patience or they are merely short-sighted.

If you think that you have found a golden seed and by planting it, the tree will “grow money” for you soon – you’ll be very miserable because there is no such thing in the world.

For instance, those who are actively involved in money games, Ponzi schemes or are always out to find unscrupulous dealings and take the shortcut to make fast money can never build a long-term business.

There are many types of Entrepreneurs. Indeed, I have seen many. But the most successful ones are those who work on one business at a time, with laser- sharp focus. A good example is our home-grown Tan Sri Teh Hong Piow, the Founder of Public Bank who has a net worth of more than RM20 billion. However, he nurtured only one business over the past many decades – banking.

It is the same for many billionaires and multimillionaires we know of – such as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg and the late Steve Jobs who was an American Entrepreneur, Businessman, Inventor and Industrial Designer. He was famous for being the CEO and a Co-Founder of Apple Inc.

There are also the serial Entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, a South African-born Canadian American Businessman, Investor, Engineer and Inventor. Although these Business Owners work on several projects, they entirely concentrate their efforts and resources on one single business at a time and do not allow themselves to get  distracted.

So, if you put enough care into your money-growing assets right from the beginning, you will eventually see it growing money, season after season, if not all year long. If you want a reliable business cash cow, build it up to be one right from the start. Get the root of the matter to grow its root deep so that not even the most violent of winds can uproot the tree. Also ensure adequate fertiliser for the business to grow sturdy branches and lush leaves. If you want to derive maximum benefit from our businesses, we have to take the best care of it. Money does grow on trees! Happy Farming!

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