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10 Ways to Create More Space in Your Living Room

Living in small living room spaces doesn’t mean you cannot live larger than life. In fact, many small living room ideas revolve around the manipulation of your vision to make the area appear roomier.

Sometimes, traditional living room ideas do not fit into the current living room due to its small spaces but with the correct light and colour strategies, you can make your living room exactly the way you want.

Here are some ways to enhance small living room into a large living room of entertainment and relaxation for you and your guests.

1. Set up large mirrors

Designers usually recommend placing mirrors in small spaces to give the grand illusion of larger scale. For an instance, hanging large mirrors in the central location creates a spacious living room area.

Mirrors can also be strategically put across from the window, so it can reflect the view and give illusion of another window. Besides, you can set up mirror behind a light source like, a candle or pendant lamp to reflect the light and add a nice change of atmosphere.

2. Make use of the space dimensions

Every room has both vertical and horizontal dimension, especially if your living room has a high ceiling, you can utilize the towering height by decorating it to draw the attention upwards. Floor-to-ceiling curtains are the best fashionable way to expand the view.

As for the vertical space, fill it with small to medium-sized furniture. This method makes the room feel larger and invites the eyes to explore beyond the usual horizontal area of the place.

3. Pick neutral colours

Neutral colours are widely known to use for walls, floors, ceilings and furniture upholstery to create a sense of largeness in small living rooms.

Soft tones such as white or beige palette helps to reflect the light and give away an instant effect of elegance as well as creating a soothing environment.

4. Choose lightweight furniture

When buying a furniture, watch out for its visual weight based on size, colour and design. Go for the lightweight appearance, instead of bulky ones which can make the space look small and messy.

Pick furnishings that don’t block views such as glass coffee or end tables take up less visual space than wooden furniture as it will make an area seems airy.

5. Sustainable storage spaces

Pick furniture with built-in storage to put in your items rather than being out in the open to free up more space in the living room.

Coffee table functioned as a storage box would work great as well as small chests or a small drawer to increase storage capacity to hide all your items, making your living room look organized and spacious.

6. Fill a corner

The idea of filling the corner with the correct furniture choice can make the living room significantly bigger instead of just leaving it empty.

There are various creative ways you can fill in your living room corner such as hanging art collections, put up plants or for the pet lover, add a cat tower!

7. Try a backless sofa

The traditional sofa can occupy large space of the living room so, it’s recommended to try having backless sofa by positioning it in the middle of living room which can enlarge the space.

8. Add green plants

Similar to wallpaper and mirrors, plants are great addition to give the illusion of larger living room. By putting any kind of green plants at the corner or behind the chair, it can trick the eyes to see that there is more space than meets the eye.

9. Save some spare seats

With tiny space of living room, it may not be possible to have many seating areas and extra unused seats will not give a roomy area.

Instead of buying fixed chairs or sofa, keep some folding chairs in the closet where you can accommodate your guests when they are coming over.

10. Remove sofa altogether

Sometimes, sofa doesn’t work in small spaces but if you’re willing to new ideas, how about a few armchairs circling around the coffee table?

It can transform your small living room into a comfortable and spacious living area.

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