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Affordability And Sustainability


Getting what you have been wanting using clay bricks

Affordability goes hand in hand with sustainability. In this current market, we all would choose to buy the things we can afford or the things that can sustain us. Why? Because they will give us less trouble and trust me, you would want to stay away from any type of troubles in every possible way this year.


Recently, I talked to Dato’ Yap Yee Chong of Selangor Bricks Association and I could see vividly the relation between affordability and the sustainability of a property. The secret lies in the construction materials! Can you believe that clay bricks are able to solve at least half of these issues?

Clay bricks are a little more expensive compared to other cheaper materials, and will cost you around RM1,500 more in total. However, clay bricks is a winner on the sustainable side of things! If you are using clay bricks for your property, you will see the difference in the electricity bill that you are paying for every month. Let’s be sceptical and imagine, what if in the near future the electricity tariff goes up? Mind you, when the utility bill goes up, it is going to ruin your fixed monthly budget.

It is a different case if you are using clay bricks because it works as a cooling factor. Your house would be a little cooler and you can save on the electricity. It is an eco-friendly product which hardly needs any maintenance!

Clay bricks are also very durable that if you are drilling your walls to do some decorations, the plaster will not peel off as easily. Some people do not even plaster their houses if they are using brick walls. It’s kind of trendy as well. Your house could look prettier and more luxurious.


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Clay bricks are processed with less pollution compared to other materials. This means that the association increases the production of the bricks while lowering the cost.

According to Dato’ Yap, “We reduce pollution by reducing fuel consumption in making our bricks. Instead, we use the industrial wastage like saw dust in making clay bricks. Do you know how much of industrial wastage is produced in a day? And how much is put into the dumpster? But now those wastages are sent to brick factories and used in brick making. Which means that these products are no longer wastage, but are called by-products.”

Hence, the production of clay bricks not only creates a product that is affordable and sustainable without a lot of complications, but preserves the earth as well. Don’t we want the earth to be more sustainable?


The history of clay bricks in this country goes all the way from the early 1950’s. During that time, all the bricks were imported from other countries. Selangor Bricks Association was established by a group of local people who decided to form a bricks association because they could foresee the demand in the market as new developments started to come up during that time.

“They realised that they could not import so much bricks and decided to make bricks locally. The association started in 1980 with only 33 members but now it has expanded to Peninsular Malaysia, except for Johor. Back in the day, brick factories would be nearby mining areas because they were not using hill clay at the time. That is why you can see that, previously the bricks were not red in colour.” Said Tan Boon Cheng of Selangor Bricks Association.

Dato’ Yap added, “Our market is now shrinking because of cheaper material substitutions. Therefore, it is compulsory for us to produce better materials in terms of quality and durability to compete in the market. That is why now we have started to exchange information with other factories and industries, to improve our association and its product.”

It is a misconception that clay bricks are only for the rich and for high-end properties. We all can afford it. As a matter of fact, clay bricks are the best and cheapest materials when compared to building columns.

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