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Bristol Technologies launches latest innovative collections at Archidex 2019

Bristol made its debut at the International Architecture, Interior Design and Building Exhibition (ARCHIDEX) 2019 where it unveiled its latest range of products – part of its ‘Work Better’ campaign.

“We at Bristol believe that quality and well-designed furniture can lend a positive impact on the business and organisation. Bristol’s design philosophy has always been simple, modern and minimalistic, with a well thought-out details and we are dedicated to providing office furniture solutions to help people work better,” said Bristol Technologies founder and managing director Yong Yook Seng.

Bristol’s ‘Work Better’ campaign aims to improve work environments through office furniture.

“Bristol is also committed to providing its customers and partners with the best products and solutions. We are pleased to announce that we have become the first Malaysian furniture manufacturer to invest in pCon, the leading space planning and product configuration solution used by thousands of professionals all around the world,” he said. “Bristol is happy to join prestigious brands such as Vit-ra, Walter Knoll and Arper on the pCon platform.”

The three core areas for the brand’s “Work Better” has focused on are:

Agility and movement at work: Bristol offers versatile designs – Vertigo 2.0, Brava and Lift ranges – where height adjustability has been combined with technology to allow users the flexibility to adjust the height of their work surface. This gives them the option to sit or stand, or convert their work area from a formal one into an informal setting.

Collaborative and productive environments: Bristol believes in promoting greater collaboration and productivity in the workplace and has a diverse range of items to meet those needs. These range from acoustic panel systems (Decibel 43) that offer acoustic privacy and comfort, to modular sofa seating systems (Modu) which can be mixed and matched to create dynamic and informal meeting spaces.

Ergonomics: Stress on the body due to various factors can affect an employee’s comfort and productivity. Bristol’s multi-functional MYKO chairs with lunar support adhere to ergonomic and anthropometric standards.

Bristol Technologies is one of Malaysia’s leading designers and producers of premium office furniture and high performance desking systems.

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