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Designed For Life

A range of 360-degree paint solutions that aim to create a safe and healthy environment for family and friends

reputable brand established since 1918 by Katsujiro Iwai in Kansai, Japan, Kansai Paint first began its evolution in the 1960s by extending its Japanese excellence to other countries in Southeast Asia and Asia, before moving on to other continents such as North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Today, Kansai Paint is renowned as the world’s top 10 paint manufacturer, specialising in decorative, automotive, protective, industrial and marine coatings.

Kansai Paint Malaysia was established in 2006, after a successful acquisition of PAR, the renowned Malaysian brand for decorative paints and industrial coatings. Their fundamental business philosophy is to contribute to society by providing products and services that satisfy and meet the needs of customers from all walks of life. This is how the concept of “Design of Life” was created. By 2015, Kansai Paint Malaysia has set up a regional office in the Southeast Asia region, and reached a new milestone by embracing Sancora Paint as one of their own. This acquisition is in line with their commitment to grow their presence in Malaysia, with the combined resources that will make Kansai Paint one of the most comprehensive coatings manufacturers in Malaysia.


At present, Kansai Paint does not own any direct outlet in Malaysia. However, they have 3 manufacturing facilities and 3 depots to service their distributors and dealers nationwide. Kansai Paint Malaysia works closely with a worldwide network, and coordinates with Kansai Paint’s “window company” in each country, to explore more possibilities on developing innovative products. With a global position and supported by strong commitment to Research and Development (R&D), their mission is to contribute to society by providing eco-friendly and value-added paint products and services that meet customer needs and satisfaction.

The company has long been engaged in protecting the global environment, in line with its belief in product development for sustainable growth. In 1992, they enacted a corporate policy on global environmental issues. In 1995, Kansai Paint became a founding member of the Japan Responsible Care Council (JRCC), and has since vigorously worked to help preserve the global environment and ensure safety and health.

Armed with an R&D budget that exceeds USD50 million per annum, the group have set up 5 R&D Institutes and 2 R&D Centers so far. Spearheaded by the R&D Headquarters in Japan, Kansai Paint’s R&D activities are run by an elite team of scientists, who specialise in Basic Research, Coating Development, Application Development and Colour Design. All the products are ceretified market-ready only after passing the stringent environmental impact evaluation.


Communication is essential for Kansai Paint and the firm works closely with R&D specialists, sales and marketing teams of each Kansai Paint company globally to share new ideas, knowledge and market insights. They also emphasize on the communication with their business partners and customers.

Expanding from the conventional advertising and marketing approach into a cross-industry collaboration is an effective method in reaching out to more customers. For example for the mosquito repellent paint, Kansai Paint worked closely with the government – Ministry of Health and Pesticide Board under Ministry of Agriculture to ensure all communication is compliance to their guidelines. They also actively support events or campaigns by the Ministry of Health to raise awareness about the prevention of Dengue Fever by organizing mobile truck roadshow across the country, to promote Dengue awareness and their mosquito repellent paint.

During the roadshows, they will give out samples to the communities, especially those in Dengue hotspots. Besides, they also collaborate with an insurance company in their public campaign by giving out Dengue and Zika insurance to end-users, because consumer confidence towards the product is of high importance to them.

Kansai Paint is also the official paint partner of Manchester United Football Club (MUFC), where they run interesting events and campaigns for example product endorsement, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaigns, as well as greet and meet session with MU players. They even painted Old Trafford football stadium in UK. Such cooperative initiatives help to increase brand power and recognition of products, thus actively contributing to the business development in countries and regions in all parts of the world. 


Research have shown that colours have a psychological effect on human emotion and responses. With their wide range of comprehensive coating products, Kansai Paint’s target market ranges from suppliers and end consumers to private and government sectors. As for decorative coatings, they have a different range of products – Super Premium, Premium, Mid-Range and Economic products, where they target both end consumers and commercial projects.

Recently, the company has launched its Super Premium paints – ALES series, which is the first of its kind in Southeast Asian countries, targeting health- and environmentally-conscious families and house owners, especially those who are living in urban areas and are more exposed to environmental hazards. 


1) ALES Shiquy

  • Introduction: Air Purifying Paint for interior use
  • eature: Removes odors (cigarette, sweat, toilets, garbage and etc), deactivate bacteria and viruses in the air, detoxifies indoor pollution, controls indoor humidity, purifies air through CO2 adsorption.


  • Introduction: Anti-mosquito paint for interior use
  • Feature: Repels insects such as mosquitoes

3) ALES Weathercoat Hybrid

  • Introduction: Self-cleaning paint for exterior use
  • Feature: The painted surface has a protective layer, preventing dirt from penetrating in. Hence, the self-cleaning ability works with the help of rain water, as it cleanses the dirt on the wall. 


As a global leader, Kansai Paint is looking to strengthen its global position by aggressively expanding their market presence around the world. They will continuously work with Ministry of Health and other organisations to develop more innovative and cost effective products to help our society to maintain a safer and healthier environment. As for CSR initiatives, Kansai Paint will partner with Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) both locally and globally to ensure that these initiatives will benefit a wider segment of the society. Kansai Paint will also continue to strive in maintaining their strong presence in Asia, America, Europe, Middle East and Africa. As one of the world’s leading paint manufacturer, Kansai Paint are looking to strengthen their global positioning to become one of the Top 5 paint manufacturers over the next three years!

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