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Express With Colours


Paint can tell stories through their shades, adding personality to your space 

A brand familiar to almost every single household, Nippon Paint Total Coating Solution continues to revolutionise how we view paint. Rebranded as the coating expert, Nippon Paint positions itself as a globally unique coating brand that covers all types of surfaces from your tiles on the floor all the way up to the roof of a building. It does not stop there, as the coating solution extends beyond architectural to automotive, marine and airport runways. The vibrant range of colours and products offered by Nippon Paint clearly gives no reason to leave a dull surface in sight.


To each is their own.  Nippon Paint customises colours to fit their customers’ needs and desires. There are thousands of colours for consumers to choose from, according to Nippon Paint Group General Manager Gladys Goh.

“Nippon Paint provides thousands of colours because we understand the ecosystem in the supply chain. We provide and fulfil consumer demands so that they happy with any coating of their preference. Nippon Paint had made it so convenient that over 30 types of coatings can be dispersed at over 1,500 colour tinting machines outlets nationwide so that their customers can obtain any colour of their choice in less than a minute,” says Goh.


As the first paint brand to innovate odourless paint, Nippon Paint continues to address consumer needs, providing solution to a range of needs. Nippon  Paint coatings ranges from Nippon Odour-less AirCare to Nippon Weatherbond Solareflect– these coatings can absorb formaldehyde and reduce indoor temperature.

“Nippon Paint works closely with Green Building Index to develop solutions for a greener living whilst providing satisfaction through the end product. Launching the odourless paint has transformed the painting industry. Businesses can operate in minimal lay off time for paint renovation; families need not check into a hotel when homes are being repainted and most importantly there are no more harmful paint fumes that causes allergies, asthmas or sinus attacks.”

Extending on the antibacterial and anti-viral component of the paint, the company launched its Nippon Paint VirusGuard the first-of -its-kind functional coating. The new paint formula is developed with Silver Ion Technology to persistently inhibit the growth of viruses and bacteria on the coated surface, decreasing the spread of contagious illnesses including, Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD) as well as H1N1.

Expanding the market to encompass coating to a wider range of usage allows consumers to have a one-stop solution for all their needs. Secondary properties come with existing tiles, which could be costly to hack, but Nippon Paint provides the solution to simply paint over them. Now consumers can design patterns on the tiles surface according to their liking.

“We want to engage with as many industries as possible. The Nippon Paint  Momento range provides a wallpaper touch and texture desired by many including hotels without the troublesome process of applying regular wallpaper.”

To those investors out there, painting a secondary property is cheaper and adds appeal for prospective tenants without burning a hole in your wallet for an expensive renovation. By matching the consumption trends and demands, Nippon Paint is able to innovate affordable range of products for homes as well.


Consumer engagement is essential for Nippon Paint, so are the feedback and responses which allow Nippon Paint to attend to customer queries and furnish them with the necessary information.

“We receive over 100,000 visitors every month on our website. All necessary information is available for consumers to make their decision. In addition ,our customer care line and social media platform like Facebook provides an active platform for consumers to engage with our staff.”

To further assist consumers, Nippon Paint provides colour cards and magazine at all the authorised Nippon Paint Colour Creation Outlets.

“As Asia’s number 1 paint brand, we pulled 16 top designers from different Asian countries to forecast the future colour trends. It serves an Asian pallate, by Asians Professionals for Asian known as Trend Beyond Colours.”

The magazine with the colour trends are made available at the end of the year but those who would like to visualise the space with specific colour choice can head on to the app store and download Nippon Colour Creation application for free.

“Using the app is really easy. It provides all the colours from every collection available from Nippon Paint. The app goes as far as guiding users on ways to match colours for their feature and secondary walls. Users may create a room project to visualise the end result of their potential room. There are also four-dimensional showcases made available for developers and architects to conceptualise their vision. We help to realise their demand.”

No more regrets after purchasing a can of paint and realising that it does not match your vision.


Colours have been proven to have a psychological effect on human emotion and responses. She advises consumers to be careful when selecting colours for certain rooms. “Blue, purple and green are regarded as cool colours aimed at calming, cooling, healing and relaxing your mood. While orange, yellow and red are warm colours aimed at stimulating, creating cheerful and optimistic energy.”

“Study rooms should be blue in colour, high ceilings can be lowered down by using a darker tone. Use lighter tone for smaller rooms as the reflective lights would make it look bigger. Although red is a passionate colour, be careful with painting your bedroom red as it will cause restlessness. Those following trends, grey is in for this season and is widely regarded as a colour that matches anything out there.”


As a brand leader, Nippon Paint believes in brand engagement with homeowners. It is not everyday a coating brand is known across all generations.

We  invested in a brand icon to communicate colours and brand functionality. So, we brought blobs of paint to live and it comes with thousands of colours and special powers. This provides psychological boost for consumers watching Blobbies paint towns and homes. Nippon Paint has certainly changed the perception of paint from being a mere chemical to an interesting lifestyle choice.

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