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Ideal Ideas For Aidilfitri!


With Hari Raya Aidilfitri just around the corner, we’ve compiled some tips and tricks from several talented and renowned experts on how to decorate your homes and living spaces this festive season. From maximising minimal space to adding some zest to your home this festive season, read on to see what these specialists have in store this Raya.

Hello Deer

The Hello Deer family specialises in simple and minimalistic decor that act as centrepieces in your living space. The name may seem familiar as they are one of the pioneers in organising party spaces and themed birthday parties in Kuala Lumpur.

They have some quirky and fun ideas to consider if you’re looking at changing the mood of a room. One of their signature pieces for this season is the ‘Happy Night Light’, which doubles up as a piece of art as well as a night light.

You can also perk up your bare wall and living space with their ‘Light Stuff’ to give your room an instant visual interest. Plus, it’s lovely to look at whether it’s turned on or off.

Decorate any area with a Mexican garland to enhance the festive mood. Whether you are entertaining your guests in the dining area or the living room, colourful garlands on a bare wall can give the area more dimension. You can also opt for ‘Stick Em Up’, simple and discreet wall stickers that add colour to your wall for those who prefer a subtler decor this Aidilfitri.

Hello Deer also has beautifully designed cutlery and cake stands. So why stop at only furniture? Add that rustic, traditional feel to your presentation of kuih muih with a classy 2-tier ceramic cake stand.

Joy Design Studio

Joy Design Studio is a home-grown brand that supplies joy-inducing mid-century to contemporary as well as minimal furniture pieces. Determined to deliver a better living experience, the studio’s pieces are what you need to make your home a liveable space. They share useful tips on how to add that festive spice to your home this Aidilfitri.

Use varying textures – When decorating big spaces, it is okay to mix textures but make sure to keep them within the same tonal family. Mixing too many materials or textures will look excessive. Keep it simple but stylish.

Choose a theme – Choose a design or theme you love, and stick to it.

Pick a dominant colour – When decorating a room, divide colours into percentages; 60% of a dominant colour, 30% of a secondary colour and 10% of an accent colour. For example, if your sofa is green, use the same green for the cushions and artwork.

Create a white base – If your walls, ceilings and floors are all white, the effect is strangely calming, and it makes your home feel bigger. Plus, a white base allows for you to change the décor each season, since you won’t have to worry about coordinating your new pieces with the colour of your walls.

Add a wood element – In a white and neutral space, natural materials will make the room warm and cosy. Consider cotton or wool for the couch; faux fur, ceramics and, of course, wood for the furniture and floor.

Mix ‘n’ match – A mix of furniture pieces can co-exist peacefully in a single room, giving the space a unique, fresh and uncommon look. The trick is to keep to a similar-but-not-exact wood finishing match.

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Malaysia’s favourite store for well-designed home furnishings and functional living solutions, IKEA has never let us down with their affordable solutions to every household problem. This Aidilfitri, they shed some light on festive furnishings.

Firstly, create a classy dining setting with beautiful silverware from the limited edition DOFTRIK range, a blend of Turkish-Moroccan artistic elements and modern Swedish interior design concept. This series of ornate silverware complements the Raya celebrations and is sure to make festive favourites even more appealing.

Cooking a great meal for family and friends is a celebration in itself. Having the right equipment means that you can involve more people in the cooking process and make it a social activity. Keep your kitchen up to date with functional, beautiful and affordable cookware from the IKEA 365+ range.

Create the right ambience for your guests by simply adding printed tea towels and coasters to your serving area. Worried about not having enough space for everyone? Make room for everyone with foldable chairs and tables which can extend outward to create more surface area. The best part? These tables and chairs can stow away with ease and take up less space once the festivities are done.

The giving of duit raya has become a tradition here in Malaysia. These traditionally green packets now come in a variety of colours and designs, and can be used for more than just holding money. With a little imagination, you can also use them as decorations.


Our friends at Spotlight gave us some really easy to-do tips on decorating, not only for the festive season, but for an all year-round of simple, affordable yet chic ideas for any household.

Throw out that old rulebook you have been living by. A plain sofa can be the centre of attention with a few throw pillows. Instantly update your living area by covering your existing cushions with beautiful new decorator fabric. Go bold, mix rather than match your pillows. For an exclusive feel, use two pairs of cushions, in contrasting patterns, colours and textures.

For this festive season, a lot of eating and tending to guests will be involved. The more important spaces would be the living as well as the dining area. Create a personal place setting using fabric covered placemats. All you need is a little glue and some imagination. If you are going for something more elaborate, or even if it is just a nice dinner at home, add some patterned napkins.

The usual checklist for Aidilfitri is usually new clothes, delicious ‘kuih’ and new curtains. Ready-made eyelet curtains are easy to hang and even easier to change with the seasons. They will spruce up any room in your home and are readily affordable. You can even match them with your cushions.

 For a lovely garden-like setting, create a beautiful decor piece using faux flowers glued to a deco foam ball. You can even make ones that look like ketupat. Don’t limit yourself to just the outdoors. Bring the outdoors in with faux flowers. They are an easy and inexpensive way to keep your home looking fresh and festive all year round.

Want a subtle hint of colour without splurging on a floral sofa or overly patterned furniture? Create a simple fabric garland using leftover fabrics and some string. No sewing machine necessary. You can make several and hang them all around your home.

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