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Million Dollar Makeovers For High-End Results At A Low Budget


Australia’s No. 1 Interior Designer Sasha de Bretton shares 7 top renovation tips to add value to your property exclusively with Property Insight

1 Good Flooring

Floors are the first thing you will see when you walk into any setting. Using timber floors in rich deep colours and herringbone patterns can certainly add class to the overall look and feel of a place. Therefore, be sure to choose tiles that come with a faux porcelain or marble look. Don’t opt for flat and plain looking, boring tiles that look cheap. Another tip lies in using cost-effective marble knock-offs that look like a million dollars.

2 Good Paint Colour

Paint can soften and warm the ambience in the home and you can use full strength, half strength or quarter strength to create ambient moods and different shades from the one base colour. You can also capitalise on feature walls by way of accentuating certain accent walls you want to stand out.

3 Kitchen

Kitchens need to have the “wow” factor. Use three to four mixes of materials as in gloss doors in two-toned colours mixed with wood grain features and LED lights under overheads. Use a door profile rather than flat doors or a mix of flat and profile doors and mix in two colours. Frame the kitchen in a different colour using wood grain to complement the outer edge of the kitchen and frame the underside of overheads and down sides to create a framed box behind the cooktop. The clever mixing of materials and colour as well as feature lighting and drop pendants over island benches can create the “wow” factor a kitchen needs. People, particularly women who make most of the decisions when buying a home, want to impress with their kitchen as it is the hub of the home for the family to gather and to entertain guests so gorgeous kitchens can sell a home faster.

4 Bathrooms

Bathrooms need to feel luxurious so always use a marble, porcelain look-alike for a timeless, boutique hotel feel that looks expensive. If you choose to go contemporary, select tiles that look modern, urban and funky for that polished concrete look. Again, you will need to pick your style that matches the rest of the home. As yourself if it is contemporary, urban industrial, classic French Luxe, Hamptons costal or Art Deco style in order to flow with the same theme throughout the home. Use a feature wall on one wall such as the shower but use big tiles to make it feel large for i.e. 300x600ml, 450x450ml or 600x600ml or larger, depending on the size of the space. This will make the space feel bigger and more expensive. You can also include a fixed glass panel walk at the shower area but don’t box it in with a fully framed screen. Incorporate drop feature lighting/pendants over a bath or vanity basin. Make mirrors as large as possible and extend them to the ceiling to make ithe space feel larger.

5 Feature walls

Use wallpaper, laminate or timber panels and metal laser cut screens back lite to create a focal point in the room. You can add a lot of “wow” factors with feature walls but just keep it to two or three and don’t over do it, as less is more. This can be added to a lounge wall, dining or master bed head.

6 Interior Style Selection

Choose the right style or theme that flows coherently to create a nice ambience. Pick your style – be it modern, industrial,Hamptons or French, etc. Know what’s trending as well as what is currently hot in the market. You can add colour and personality into the space by way of accessorises but keep the main base pallete neutral. Ensure the same style flows throughout the space while making sure nothing clashes and one can keep a level of simplicity. Don’t have too many things competing with each other. Less is more. Custom-made television cabinets complemented by shelves can also be a focal feature in the lounge area.

7 Furniture & Accessories

These items create the overall look and ambience of the space. Having the right furniture to complement the base pallete will add character, charm, sophistication, the “wow” factor while creating a visually pleasing experience for the eye. Creating jsut the right mood and ambience can be achieved via the use of art, rugs, vases and accessories that are critical in raising the value of a property’s worth and make you fall in love with your home.

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