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Of Spaces And Passions


Exploring interior design with PDI Design & Associates

Have you ever been to any Interior Design company’s office? It was my first time when I went to PDI Design & Associates at Jalan Maarof, Bangsar. I was charmed by the interior design of the office and felt the need to design the interior of my own property. The question is, how do I do it?


According to the Senior Designer and Partner of the company, Ian Lee, “We basically provide our clients everything including the basics. Apart from designing the interior, we also renovate and build the decoration needed for the spaces in the property. Home renovation is such a tedious process hence, we are providing our clients with a hassle free process and guiding them along the way. We have our own trusted contractor whose quality is up to our standard and will not cause any trouble to our clients. Our clients only have to move their baggage into the house.”

“Some homeowners might already have the interior design in their minds, so we conceptualise and make it real for them. Some clients would also love to have their own personal touch, so what kind of service do we provide them? We would even shop with them and help them to beautify the property.” Ian added.

The Interior Designer and also a Partner of PDI Design, Morgan Granese mentioned that the team put their hearts and souls into every project that they do. “We have an incredible connection with our clients because we go through the whole round of emotion with the homeowners, in designing their properties. It is difficult to say we love one project more than another because each project represents a different time of ourselves – every design that we do represent us.”


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You can feel it whenever you walk into a place where the interior design is complete with full of love and passion.  As an interior designer himself, Morgan stated that one of the important things to look at in interior designing is how the environment affects the way people live?

“Space is nothing if you don’t do anything about it. Having a space that is designed to be a particular space – you have to create the mood; you have to put decorations that can relate to the feel of space. This works only if space can intrinsically make people feel the space.” said Morgan.

“Show units are the closest example to this theory,” said Ian. Show units are designed to sell – to be the ‘wow factor’ that engages the potential buyer which in return provides sales to the developers. “Property investors could also add value to their property by using space creatively through interior design, which in return provides them with a better rental yield. For example, if you are creative in a small condominium, like making the hall bigger just by taking down a wall. This, however, depends on the demographic and the target market of your investment that might look into that kind of value.”

Junior Designer of the team, Diyana Amira said that “Interior design plays a big part in property investment. I personally will opt for a property with a good interior design located in a dodgy area, compared to a property in a safe area but a plain interior design.”

In interior design, it is crucial to first identify the function of one particular space before deciding to do anything with it. “By identifying the function, only then you can decide on the materials that the budget is allocated for the interior design of space,” said Ian.

“I think the issue that we face nowadays is limited space. How do we fully utilise the space? We should have integrated space in between – something multifunctional.” said Diyana.

On the other hand, Diyana also explained that “I think the first problem that homeowners face in interior designing by themselves is that they tend to go to the shop and buy the things such as the decorations first, and then only they think of where to put it. You must decide before you buy anything.”

Any established interior designer should be very alert and sensitive towards the local property market. They should know how to improve your investment and manage your budget. They should be able to advise you in many ways.

In addition to that, Morgan said “We believe that everyone should have the best of everything. You don’t need a lot of money to have a good interior design – it’s a misconception. You can do it even with the lowest cost, such as paints and plants. Whether you’re living in affordable housings, studios or even bungalows – everyone deserves to live in a space that is comfortable and personal.”

“Creativity and innovation are two main pillars in interior designing, but people are one of the major keys to success. I allow my team to have and express their creativity. I am very proud of every project that we have successfully delivered together. Although the economy is a bit stagnant and the industry is quite cautious, we still manage to deliver 98% of our projects. If you’re doing interior design for the money, then the business is not for you. The passion and the love for this industry must come first before you can earn a good income. 2016 might be a grey year to most people, but we are now working on more projects and are actually investing in properties. I think that the affordable homes and first time home buyers would be two good sectors to invest in, as well as for agricultural land”

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