Bandar Ainsdale

The new gateway to Seremban

Are you looking for a home that is designed for a close-knit community of family and friends, green living the way nature intended it with plenty of parks, lakes and wide open spaces? Bandar Ainsdale is the answer!

It’s a home with all the urban conveniences and a balanced lifestyle. Home buyers are going to be blown away by the natural surrounding and the green splendour because the developer, Sime Darby Property, plants a Dipterocarpus Costulatus tree in place of any and every tree that they cut down. This is done to ensure the continued sustainability of Bandar Ainsdale.



Bandar Ainsdale’s name was derived from the oil palm plantation it sits on – Ladang Ainsdale. It is a freehold 562 acre township focused on providing modern development and lifestyle in Seremban consisting of integrated transportation services such as Transit Oriented Development with commercial and residential property offerings.

The development is situated on both sides of the North-South Expressway, with a direct interchange straight into the township. It definitely has excellent accessibility and the business precincts enjoy direct frontage to main thoroughfares. Bandar Ainsdale is positioned as the ‘New Gateway’ to Seremban as its toll is located 5km before the Seremban/Labu toll interchange.

The connectivity for the township is enhanced on the communication side as well, especially since Sime Darby Property offers High Speed Broadband service to all homes in the development at the fastest speed ever offered by a developer in Malaysia i.e. starting from 22Mbps which will be installed from the day you move in. This service is free for the first two years for all Bandar Ainsdale’s home buyers. They can enjoy movie streaming, music downloads, and multiplayer gaming or even video chat with loved ones. This can all be done indoors or outside of your home as there are free Wi-Fi hotspots available for residents in selected public areas.



It is located just 5km from Seremban, 15km from Nilai, 35km from KLIA, and 70km from Kuala Lumpur, making Bandar Ainsdale a perfect township to live-in or even as an investment. There is also the Bandar Ainsdale Interchange that was completed and opened to public in July 2015 to ensure its residents enjoy direct access to the North-South Expressway.

Other than that, the newly proposed Bandar Ainsdale KTM Komuter station is 1km away from its town centre, while the Seremban Bus Terminal is 7km away. The township has excellent accessibility, even in terms of public transportation.


It is a guarded community development ensuring exclusivity and security. This modern development is spaciously designed with an open plan layout on the ground floor which can maximise living space. It has quality finishes, for example, 2’ x 2’ porcelain tiles and laminated timber flooring. En-suite bathrooms are also installed in all bedrooms on the first floor!

The current appreciation value for the initial phase launched and its surrounding houses is 23%, and the current selling (asking) price is between RM 410,000 to RM 450,000. A slight increase if you consider the initial developer selling price of RM 348,888 for an intermediate unit in Murni (20’ x 60’ double storey terrace).

Bandar Ainsdale’s Tenang and Abadi are now available for sale! For further details, please visit or call 06 – 765 2888.

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