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MEC – Malaysia Entrepreneur Conference

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Calling all entrepreneurs, business owners, SME’s and future business moguls ! Come join us for MEC2017. Be inspired and learn from our panel of influencial and inspiring speakers. Learn ways to start, nurture and grow your business in the current challenging enviroment. Network with other like-minded individuals and make meaningful connections to bring your ideas and business to the next level !

This year, we will present MEC 2017 to the entrepreneur community as an opportunity to network and gain valuable insights in their respective fields. With prominent speakers such as Ivan Teh, Dato’ Ringo and so forth imparting their knowledge, it will inspire and enrich all the participants.


  • Roy Prasad CEO, i-HR Consulting
  • Geh Thuan Hooi COO & Vice President, Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management
  • Cynthia Tong Operations Director, Danai Spa
  • Derek Toh Founder, WOBB.CO
  • Dato’ Ringo Kaw Executive Director, Asian Kitchen
  • Joshua Liew COO, EspressoLab
  • Kent Chua Executive Director,Rhombus Group
  • Jeevan Sahadevan Founder & CEO, Leverage Lab
  • Yong Chen Hui Founder & CEO, Korea Wallpaper
  • Raja Singham, Managing Director, Brickfields Asia College
  • Choong Fui-Yu Co-founder & CEO, Kaodim
  • Tiong Sue Lynn, Creative Director,Rhombus Consulting
  • Jonathan Quek Founder & CEO, Owners Circle
  • Alan Lim Partner, Nexea Angels
  • Tham Lih Chung Group CEO, Rhombus Group
  • George Ang Group CEO, Revenue Valley
  • Chris Tan Founder, Chur Associates
  • Goh Chee Hau Co-founder & Managing Director, The Lorry
  • Jerryson Abraham Doss Co-Founder & CEO, Viva Starfish & Viva Odyssey
  • Manminder Kaur Dhillon CEO, Intelectasia Consultancy
  • Petrina Goh Founder & CEO, Nuren Group
  • Yeoh Chen Chow Co-Founder, Fave
  • Chan Kee Siak Founder & CEO, Exabytes Group of Companies
  • Dato’ KK Chua Founder, Entrepreneur Insight


  • Business Owners & SME’s
  • Potential Investors
  • Emerging Entrepreneurs


  • Human Resources – Avoiding Wrongful Dismissal
  • Food & Beverages – Make the customer the hero of your story, can you?
  • Sales & Marketing – Don’t Follow The Path, Blaze The Trail
  • Effects and Risks of Mergers and Acquisitions on Entrepreneur
  • Start-ups – The secret of getting ahead is getting started
  • E-Commerce : The Next Frontier

and may more ….

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