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Cherishing Tradition While Looking Forward To A Brighter Future

February 10, 2020 – Even as developer BÖN Estates embraces the future with a strong dedication to creating innovative and lifestyle enhancing environments, it remains mindful of tremendous influence tradition and culture has on our society; informing our values, priorities and determining the way we choose to live.

Traditional ideology is etched in the very name of “BÖN” itself, referencing ancient philosophy on the harmony of natural elements and space, and cultural considerations remain an integral part of BÖN Estates’ concept and design process when creating living environments for Malaysians.

Similarly, meaningful traditions often take centre stage at the popular cultural celebrations the company consistently hosts at its landmark BÖN Estates Gallery along Jalan Maarof in Bangsar. This year’s Chinese New Year celebrations were no different, paying tribute to the meaningful symbolic tradition of Chinese culture, while creating an exciting atmosphere within an ultra-modern venue.

Held on February 9, the theme for this year’s event centred around the symbolic significance of Bamboo, Plum Blossom and pussy willow, and the positive influence these natural elements bring as we usher in a new beginning with the Year of the Rat.

In Chinese tradition, bamboo is a symbol of strength, righteousness and longevity, while the Plum Blossom represents perseverance in the face of adversity and the promise of a future filled with hope. Meanwhile, the beautiful Pussy Willow is a symbol of wealth and growth.

“We wanted to start the year on a positive and feel-good note, so we are harnessing the symbolic meaning and influence of these elements to create an atmosphere of hope, wealth and prosperity as we welcome the new year,” said BÖN Estates Chief Operating Officer Chan Jin-Wy.

“Those who are familiar with our brand know that BÖN Estates has an affinity for cultural celebrations, specifically because as a multi-cultural nation we often tap into the spirit of these events to celebrate the shared values that make our Malaysian community unique. This same spirit is vital to the communities we craft, because it encourages people to connect intimately with an environment they call home,” he added.

Chinese New Year, in particular, carries a message of unity, harmony and the strengthening of familial and communal bonds. This resonates with BÖN Estates’ own lifestyle philosophy and development ideology. It is also a joyous celebration of life, filled with vibrance and energy, and these elements were well-represented at the BÖN Estates Gallery over the weekend.

In addition to an inviting ambience, elegantly decorated with symbolic influence of Bamboo, Plum Blossom and Pussy Willow, the event treated guests with delectable bites, exciting entertainment and plenty of activities for the whole family.

Among the highlights was a lion dance performance by Khuan Loke Dragon & Lion Dance Association, a Fortune Reading session by Soleil Trinity Resource, a Chinese Knot making session, a Traditional Chinese Paper Cutting workshop, live shows on candy making and various other activities for children.

As the event was hosted at BÖN Estates’ award-winning gallery, visitors also had an opportunity explore the unique lifestyle proposition of the company’s ongoing flagship project, The Estate.

With a fully decked-out show unit located on the 3rd floor and an experiential tour of the many components that make the development a benchmark in the burgeoning South Bangsar locale, prospective buyers enjoyed a taste of elevated living standards.

The project is currently close to completion, with 90% of the units spoken for. Among the handful of units left for the taking are Type E dual-key duplex units, offering 5+1 bedrooms and 4+2 baths in 3,474sq ft of space.

Chan said these units appeal to a wide range of buyers, but have been especially popular with young families.

“Young families appreciate the multi-generational option of a private unit attached, so they can host an expanding family or even lease out the space to generate income. Meanwhile, younger couples are simply attracted to the unit’s design and layout, with its vast double-volume ceiling that extends to the balcony area. Younger home seekers have an active social life and they see opportunities to create a vibrant entertainment area, a zen garden or even a showpiece outdoor dining area at the spacious balcony,” he said.

Priced from RM2.5mil, Type E units also come with a pantry and outdoor living area for the sub-unit, a shared private lobby for both entrances, as well as wet and dry kitchens and attached baths for every bedroom in the main unit.

The Estate is expected to be fully completed by Q1, 2021.

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