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Country Garden Lake City Presents A New Vision for the Future of City Living

By Roubeeni Mohan

Homeowners are constantly provided with a plethora of options to choose from when looking to invest in a property.

Whether they’re looking for a landed high-rise, urban, or suburban development, convenience, accessibility, and public transport are common features included in the checklist.

“The hotels, offices, parks, shopping malls, connectivity and apartments (HOPSCA) concept includes the comprehensive functions for development in terms of living and retail. Even though still new in Malaysia, it’s assimilation as a focus of Lake City is the result of extensive research revolving around the needs of homeowners,” said Emma Han, Brand & Culture Director, Country Garden Malaysia.

“We understand that the population of the Greater KL, or KL North, is seeing rapid growth thus, we have designed Lake City to cater for the convenience of future homeowners in the area. It is truly a city within a city, and we believe that Lake City is here to stay,” she added.

As the industry evolves to match these needs, two major shareholders comprising of Country Garden and Perdana ParkCity Sdn Bhd, have already began work on its very own integrated residential development.

Following the successful preview of its Lake City @ KL North project, Country Garden has now opened its one-of-a-kind sales gallery and experience hall where visitors are able to have a look and feel of the available units, but also picture the lifestyles they will lead with a Lake City property.

Developed following the HOPSCA concept, the 80-acre Lake City will have the characteristics of a complete neighbourhood, linked by efficient transportation systems in place.

The KL North area is regarded as a hidden gem due to its proximity to the Kuala Lumpur city centre and good connectivity to other areas in the Klang Valley via highways such as the LDP, DUKE, and MRR2.

The location of seven out of the 26 proposed MRT2 stations in the area alone is slated to be a major pull for future homeowners and property investors.

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