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Country Garden Unveils Latest HOPSCA Project – Lake City @ KL North

Country Garden has officially revealed its latest project, Lake City @ KL North, at the Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC) on the 14th August 2019, together with its shareholder Perdana Parkcity.

Lake City @ KL North is a transit orientated development (TOD) sitting on 80 acres of prime land, that follows the HOPSCA concept, which refers to “Hotel, Office, Park, Shopping Mall, Connectivity and Apartments’.

Jason Fu – Regional President of Country Garden Malaysia

Official reveal of Lake City @ KL North

“THe HOPSCA concept, while relatively new in Malaysia, is quickly getting the attention of urban planners as it can accommodate the rapid growth of a city’s urban population and provide for more organised use of landscape,” said Jason Fu, Regional President of Country Garden Malaysia.

“HOPSCA projects essentially create the ideal habitat model and address the needs of homeowners who are looking for interconnectivity to its surrounding areas,” Jason added.

The project consists of three communal zones and six lifestyle scenes, featuring a 2km ‘Lake Promenade,” it’s very own Lake Club, a smart community app and community areas.

The reveal of KL@North is being held at MITEC

“The major shift in attention towards KL North has been quite significant for these past few years. With many developments set to cater to the rising population, we see plenty of potential in KL North becoming anther major hub of Klang Valley,” said Ho Chin Soon, renowned mapmaker and Chairman of Ho Chin Soon Research, who gave a speech during the event.

“Lake CIty @ KL North will diversify living spaces centred around interconnectivity, which sets it apart from other developments. This seamless integration of urban transportation offered in addition to accessibility to highways like the LDP, DUKE, MRR2, will regenerate KL North even further, turning the area into a residential destination of choice,” Ho further added.

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