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Positive Energy Enhances ‘Good Living’ Appeal At The Estate

16 May 2017 – With a strong commitment to delivering a wholesome “Good Living” environment to modern home seekers, developer Bön Estates Sdn Bhd has put tremendous focus on crafting spaces that connect with people through balance, harmony, artistry and emotive appeal.

At its flagship development The Estate in the vibrant South Bangsar neighbourhood of Kuala Lumpur, Bön Estates creates balance by blending a modern address with timeless design, an inner-city location with serene surrounding greenery, and exciting facilities with relaxing shared spaces that foster community bonds.

At the heart of it is an understanding that comfort, lifestyle value and peace of mind are key ingredients that make a property a home and provide dwellers with that vital sense of belonging. Bön Estates also acknowledges that, for many home buyers, achieving peace of mind and a sense of belonging requires a property choice that scores well both on the physical as well as metaphysical scale.

Addressing this desire, it recently invited renowned authority on Chinese Metaphysics studies and globally acclaimed author Dato’ Joey Yap to share his assessments and insights on The Estate with valued customers and prospective buyers.

At an exclusive event held at the Bön Estates Gallery along Jalan Penaga in Bangsar on May 13, Yap not only revealed that The Estate boasts a fortuitous location that attracts considerable positive “Qi”, but home owners here can also look forward to multigenerational prosperity and health.

In an in-depth presentation to visitors at the event, Yap explained that some of the key highlights behind project’s good Feng Shui are related to its location within a “dragon” landform as well as its positioning and orientation.

“This Dragon is classified as a ‘Mid-level Dragon’ due to its mid-range height and its meandering nature, which denotes positive Feng Shui effects. Future owners of properties within The Estate are likely to receive auspicious effects with health and prosperity,” Yap revealed in his assessment.

“The Mid-level Dragon of The Estate is associated with the Earth element which denotes positive outcomes through investment and business,” he said.

Yap added that “the left embrace” of the dragon on the property is a favourable formation for prospects of status and general well-being. Interestingly, he pointed out that classical Feng Shui writings also suggest that the male descendants of occupants here would be granted “fortune and international trade expertise”.

In addition to a full report on the project’s Feng Shui score and the launch of his book on the metaphysical attributes of The Estate, Yap offered rare special consultations on unit selections and the best choices that suit individuals.

Expressing his gratitude for Yap’s contribution to the event, Bön Estates Managing Director Goh Soo Sing said it was a treat to have such an iconic Feng Shui practitioner and celebrated author speak to customers of The Estate.

“We are very proud of the effort we put into making The Estate an appealing lifestyle proposition. From the high quality materials used and the artistic approach we took in designing spaces, to the fact that we have also made it an energy efficient building, every element has been envisioned to bring emotive value to your home. Similarly, we value the importance of Feng Shui and the power of positive Qi to many buyers, as this too plays a crucial role in offering the lifestyle balance, comfort and peace of mind that many modern dwellers seek,” said Goh.

Apart from enjoying one-on-one consultations with the Feng Shui expert, visitors were invited to tour the extensively decked out Bön Estates Gallery, an award-winning facility that offers an interactive experience for those wishing to know more about the quality, technology and design ideology that shapes The Estate. There are also fully-furnished show units that allow visitors get a feel of the lifestyle on offer.

Providing an update on the progress of the development, Bön Estates Marketing Director Angeline Liau said The Estate is striking a positive chord with those who appreciate its focus on meaningful spaces and family-centric values. Thus far, more than 60% of the units have been taken up which is extremely encouraging considering the prevailing slow performance of luxury properties in the overall market.

“We really believe that ‘home is where the heart is’ and we see that many buyers appreciate and share this outlook,” Liau said.

By teaming up with a renowned personality such as Dato’ Joey Yap, Liau said Bön Estates is extending its value-added services to our customer and potential buyers, which hopefully provides vital assistance to their decision-making process.

The full report of Yap’s Feng Shui assessment of The Estate will also be made available to visitors of the sales gallery in the future.

Mr Goh Soo Sing, Managing Director of BÖN Estates Sdn Bhd on the left & Dato’ Joey Yap on the right with model of The Estate. 

Dato’ Joey Yap on the left & Mr Goh Soo Sing, Managing Director of BÖN Estates launching the Feng Shui Book.

Dato’ Joey Yap giving Feng Shui talk on The Estate, South Bangsar.

Joey Yap Consultant Team explaining Bazi & property selection for customer.

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