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With specifically themed landscapes for each area, Setia EcoHill proves comfort and aesthetics can go hand in hand

Setia EcoHill provides modern homes, designed for those who dream of tranquillity within reach of the city centre. “With a GDV of RM4.0bil, Setia EcoHill will be a mixed development, bungalows, zero lot bungalows, semi-detached units, terrace units, high-rise apartments and commercial units. This low-density enclave will boast just 10 units per acre,” explains the Deputy General Manager, Sr Koh Sooi Meng of S P Setia Sdn Bhd. With an overarching objective of achieving the right balance between man and nature, Setia EcoHill is targeting a population of 30,000 once this township is fully developed in 10 years’ time.


This modern township of 673 acres is equipped with high end amenities which are also environmentally friendly, hence the tagline ‘Live Green!’ with 80 over acres being park land and green spaces. Among the amenities invested for Setia EcoHill is their pride and joy, the 360° Club House situated at the highest point of the area, with a breathtaking view of the surrounding areas. The club house is built up of 350,000 sqft with amenities specifically for the residents in the area. Construction for the club house commences early April 2016 and will tentatively reach completion within 2 years. You will also be able to admire and appreciate the beautifully curated landscapes around Setia EcoHill from the top of the club with its 360° view with reastaurants at the top floor.

Oriental-garden-(2) Grassland-Park


Apart from the town park, Setia EcoHill boasts a number of theme parks and gardens, each planned as a unique interactive experience. With evocative names like Oriental Garden, Sunbird Walk, Weeping Meadows and Grassland Park, these enticingly landscaped spaces will draw residents and visitors outdoors to enjoy the active and contemplative facilities provided.

Deeper in Setia EcoHill, a beautifully blooming area of residences exist. The Floris Collection is located in the gated and guarded precinct of Horizon Residence. Its concept was inspired by the desire to create a sustainable yet luxurious environment that offers serenity and peace of mind. These super-link units at 23.6’ X 76’ with a 2,563 sqft built-up, are a fine-tuned version of earlier units built in Setia Alam, which have appreciated by a big margin in the past few years. Units in Setia Alam sold for RM600k in 2009, and is valued at RM1.1mil now. The Floris Collection is a fine tuned version of that, with practical layouts and new improved floor plans.


We spoke to Mr Jason Graham Baigenk, Headmaster of Tenby International School to speak about what Tenby has in store for residents and those who choose to enroll in the near future.

“Tenby International School will be completed by the end of March 2016 and will be operational by September 2016 when we welcome our first batch of students,” he explains. “Tenby International School will add convenience to the residents within the area. We expect to start this year with close to 200 students, but eventually that number is expected to grow to 1800.”

In 5 years’ time, Tenby International School aspires to be the absolute school of choice in the area, promising the best education can offer. “We are setting up primary and secondary links with Queens University and Nottingham University and University College of London. Aside from being passionate and dedicated, we will also ensure trained staff, equipped with leadership and development skills.”


The concern regarding areas like Semenyih, is getting to the city, which most times means getting to work. Jalan Semenyih used to be a one-way in and out road and the only accessible road, causing massive jams, and even massive headaches. Thus the new highway, LEKAS-EcoHill Link was contrived to benefit the residents and ease traffic in the area as well.


In 2020, Setia EcoHill will see up to 5,000 houses with easily 15,000 residents. Being the visionaries they are, SP Setia Sdn Bhd already has plans to build a retail mall of 200k sqft equipped with commercial lifestyle outlets. “We’ll call it EcoHill Walk, so people will be able to relate to the concept.” If you had Setia Walk in mind when reading that line, you probably get the gist of the concept. “We’ll have 4 levels of retail mall and 80 units of lifestyle commercial shops. It will be the first lifestyle shop concept introduced into Semenyih. We’re building this thinking of a long term investment, an investment in our residents is always a good investment.” The aforementioned will be launched tentatively by the third quarter of this year.

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